Saturday, April 22, 2017

Odds and Ends for WWII Skirmish

Having only four WWII Gebirgsjager remaining in The Lead Pile, I figured I would empty the bin and field two officers and a two-figure LMG team.  While digging around in the lead, a couple of British weapons teams caught my attention.  Why not tackle these as well?  I could not resist.
First off the workbench is a British light mortar team from Black Tree Designs in 28mm.  While there are effectively two mortars teams, my plan is to use this collection of four figures to form one light mortar team.  One team will denote the weapon and crew in move mode while the other pair will be used to show the weapon and team as deployed and ready for action.  As expected from BTD, the sculpting on these Brits is excellent.
Next off the paint desk is a British heavy mortar team of three crew with weapon.  No separate trio of figures in move mode here.  This crew will lend some heavier infantry support from the rear.  Again, nice figures.
Finally, I get to the figure grouping that prompted my rummage through The Lead Pile.  That is the only four German Gebirgsjager left in inventory.   
My thought is that these four figures, consisting of two officers and a two-figure LMG stand, could be pressed into service as platoon HQ for the three Gebirgsjager sections already called up for service.
Like all of the BTD WWII figures, these figures show great character and are a real pleasure to paint.  Now, with a full platoon of mountain troops ready for service, I need to work them into a game of Chain of Command.  Looking back through past BatReps, hard to believe that the last game of CoC was about one and half years ago.  Where does the time go?

Even though painting activities have slowed with the recent luxury of gaming two weeks in a row, a line of units is slowly queueing up for the photo booth.


  1. Very nicely done Jonathan, I understood you could not resist!

  2. Great work .......10/10 😀but I am only scoring mine a 6/10 🙁 But they will have to do ..........till I learn to paint properly.

  3. Very nice work Jonathan, they look great! Cheers!

  4. Lovely work as always!
    Best Iain

    1. As always, your support and encouragements are most welcome!

  5. Beautifull and realistic painting! Good Job!

  6. Lovely work Jonathan. I really like that LMG team!

  7. Fantastic work on these. I might just copy the pics as references for my own WWII stuff :)


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