Tuesday, November 24, 2015

MMP's Black Friday Sale!

In what has become an annual tradition at Multi-Man Publishing (MMP), the annual Black Friday Sale has been announced (see MMP Announcement). 

For those who also enjoy wargames of the hex boardgame variety, MMP offers many interesting titles at deep discounts for Friday, November 27 only.  Even if you do not play hex wargames, many of the titles can be used as reference materials for tabletop miniatures gaming.  I see a few to add to my shopping cart on Black Friday.


  1. Damn your eyes and your tempting posts, sir. This is very serious temptation indeed. Most provoking.
    I may splash out for some of their ACW games.

    1. Michael, just performing a civic duty! There are great bargains in that list. This temptation is too great to pass up.

    2. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, the website says that all the Civil War Brigade series titles are out of stock. Perhaps this was just a cruel ploy to get my hopes up?

    3. Michael, the listed games will be available during the sale. MMP has confirmed that inventory for all is good. The Out of Stock is only a temporary situation in preparation for the Black Friday sale. Don't hold back!

  2. Gosh, there are some real bargains there! Thanks for posting (I think!)!



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