Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wallet-Emptying Offer from Eureka Miniatures

Hitting my InBox on Oct 6 was the Eureka Miniatures Newsletter.  As always, lots of interesting and tempting products but what really caught my attention was the offer for free shipping!  Yes, FREE shipping from the Land Down Under for orders exceeding AUD$130!  Now, that gets my attention.

Usually, Eureka figures are purchased through EurekaUSA but a quick check of the AUD/USD exchange rate shows a relatively strong USD at present.  I needed to capitalize on this fortuitous timing.  When was the last time I ordered directly from Nic at Eureka Australia?  Looking at the chart below, I bet you can guess.  That's right.  The last order placed directly to the Home Office was in 2008. 
AUD/USD Exchange Rate
But wait; there's more!

The large order discount of 20% also applies!  

With the favorable exchange rate and the large order discount, 18mm AB figures work out to be about USD$0.55 foot/USD$1.10 horse and 18mm Eureka figures work out to cost about USD$0.46 foot/USD$0.92 horse.  That is the delivered price!  Wallet Emptying Offer from Eureka Miniatures!  No shipping cost this time.

Of course, time to replenish The Lead Pile.  The Lead Gods must be smiling on me.  Free shipping offer seems to expire on OCT 12.  Did I mention a secret password to get the free shipping?


  1. Don't fight the Lead Gods. All augurs point to a big purchase from Nic.


    1. Quite right! I could not resist a bargain. Besides, I "needed" the figures anyway, right? Like my wife often tells me, "look how much I saved!"
      Pile of lead is on the way.

  2. Darn I wasn't planning on increasing the lead pile for a while, but with the free shipping and good exchange rate it's about 50% cheaper than from their European dealer at the moment as well. Too good to pass up especially when I'm building up a Saxon army for the 1813 campaign next spring.

    1. Samuli! Good to hear from you.
      Clearly, I could not resist.

  3. AUD 130? That's gotta be, what? 10, maybe 20 USD?

    1. That is probably how the foreign exchange rate feels after having the relative strength of the AUD$ from 2011-2013.

      My sympathies...


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