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Battle of Raab 13:00-13:30

Severoli's Italians attack
After a longer than expected hiatus, the Raab replay is back in play.  To refresh fading memories on the status of the game, see Raab 1230-1300 account.
Action at Kis-Megyer 1300

At the start of the 1300 hour, Eugene sees most of his French forces return to good order;  the exceptions being the 2/9 Hussars and 1/Italian Dragoons on the French right and 1/102 Line in the center.
French Right
On the French right near the Upper Bridge, Colbert begins gingerly picks his way back across the Pancza Brook while Seras' cavalry attack towards the church.  Somewhat isolated on the east bank of the Pancza, the never timid Grouchy keeps applying pressure to the Austrian cavalry defending the bridge and ford.  Grouchy leads his disordered 1/Italian Dragoons in an attack against the disordered 1/2 Joseph Hussars. 
French cavalry attack!
Disordered and caught standing still, the Austrian hussars are easily scattered.  Hadik is severely injured in the melee.  The momentum carries the victorious Italians into the 1/Heves Insurrection cavalry who are, in turn, roughly handled by the dragoons.  Grouchy, with his cavalry exhausted, breaks off and falls back to the banks of the Pancza.
Grouchy - a hot knife through butter.
Hadik goes down
Witnessing Grouchy's success, the overconfident 2/7 Dragoons cross the Upper Bridge in column and are immediately countered by 2/Zemplin Insurrectio cavalry.  With heavy casualties to both but unable to bring their mass to bear while in column, the French dragoons retreat back across to the west bank of the Pancza.

After a long circuitous route to get to the east bank of the brook, Seras' cavalry swings into action in support of Seras.  Both the 1/9 Chasseurs a Cheval (CaC) and the 2/9 CaC attack the Austrian cavalry that has thus far been holding up Seras' advance from the church.  As the French approach, the Austrian cavalry counter attacks.  While casualties are heavy in the clash between the 1/9 CaC and 2/2 Joseph Hussars, the Austrian light horse are able to repulse the French.  The 9th Chasseurs break off their attacks and fall back to the Pancza.
Seras' cavalry repulsed
With the loss of the 1/2 Joseph Hussars and the demoralization of 1/Heves Insurrection added to the earlier loss of the 1/Westprimer Insurrection cavalry, Andrasy's green cavalry formation panics.  As Andrasy and his command stream towards the rear, many insurrectio troopers call it a day and desert.  These losses are heaviest among the 2/Westprimer and Odenburger Insurrectio.  Andrasy's panic effectively relieves Seras' concern for being taken in the rear by Austrian cavalry.  
Andrasy panics!
While cavalry clashes are swirling on the French right, artillery in the center begins to take effect.  With the Austrian Reserve guns repositioned on the Szabadhegy Heights, Seras and the 1/53rd Line fall under the guns' sights.  With some protection offered by the church, the 1/53rd only becomes disordered by the barrage.
Seras under fire
To the north of Kis-Megyer, Lutz' guns disorder 1/1st Italian Line as Severoli's division nears the banks of the Pancza.  Having an advantage in both quantity and quality, Severoli appears determined to force a passage of the Pancza obstacle below Kis-Megyer.   
Severoli advances
At Johan's HQ, activity is abuzz.  With both Frimont and Kienmeyer down to injury, the Reserve Corps is in a state of chaos. With Gajoli's command in motion towards the south to thwart any advance from Seras, Johan recalls Gajoli to fill Frimont's empty boots.  Gajoli gets a battlefield promotion!  Having sent orders to Gajoli to join him on the Heights, Johan hurries to rally the Reserve Corps.  The grenadiers and IR 2/19 rally as the demoralized IR1/19 continues its rout.
Lutz moves to plug the gap
 On the cavalry wing on the Austrian left, Andrasy's panicked formation cannot recover.  The remainder of 2/Westprimer's Hungarian cavalry flee the field of battle.

In Groztony's old command, 5th Ott Hussars and 1/Bacser Insurrection rally.  The 5th Ott Hussars attack the French as they attempt to form up after having successfully negotiated the Pancza.  In each engagement, the French horse force the Austrian horse to break off their attacks but not before the French 2/20 CaC fall back across the Pancza.
ex-Grosztony attack
and is repulsed
In the center, the sound of artillery fire increases but only Durutte's guns find their target.  IR61 suffers moderate casualties and becomes disordered as it stands in the open near the Kis-Megyer farm.
Battlefield from the south 1330
Center 1330 behind Austrian lines
Battlefield 1330 from behind French lines
At the bottom of the 1330 hour, the Austrian left cavalry wing under Mescery shows signs of crumbling.  Andrasy is in retreat and both Grosztony and Hadik have been lost to injury.  Casualties among the troopers mount.  Still, the French cavalry have not been able to pass to the east bank in numbers.  More French cavalry are on their way to support French attacks at the Upper Bridge.  Thus far, the Austrian cavalry on this wing have fought like lions.

In the center, a bit of a battlefield lull descended over the Kis-Megyer complex as both commanders sorted out recent reverses.  Will Severoli be successful in mounting an assault across the Pancza?  Will Durutte reattempt his earlier failed assaults against Kis-Megyer?  Will Seras be able to hold off a pending Austrian counterattack?   


  1. Fantastic stuff Jonathan. Great report and photos. Looking forward to more!

    1. Thanks Rodger!

      This Battle Report has certainly been a long series so I appreciate you sticking with it for such a long duration.

  2. Great looking battle Jonathan!

  3. Looks good, and bloody, a medal for the Austrian cavalry!

    1. The Austrian cavalry have done yeoman service, for sure!

  4. Great looking table and miniatures!

  5. Continued great report, Jon. I think the Austrian cavalry's days are numbered, and the loss of commanders has to be destabilizing the Kasiserlicks!

    1. Peter, glad you continue to enjoy the battle. Officer casualties have been high within the Austrian command. These losses will hamper response times and effectiveness.

      Austrian cav's days may be numbered but the game may still be far from over.

  6. Excellent Jonathan, I know nothing of the period but it looks lovely!!!

    1. Paul, the battle is set in 1809 just before Wagram; a period you know much about!

  7. An absolutely epic battle, Jonathan. Most enjoyable. I am shamelessly rooting for the French!

    1. Michael, I am pleased you are enjoying the battle!

      Watching the battle unfold has been like watching two middleweight fighters testing each other for weaknesses and opportunity.

      The French have had a tough time making and keeping a bridgehead across the Upper Pancza. The Kis-Megyer Farm is, likewise, proving a very tough nut to crack. We will soon see if the Italians under Severoli are made of the Right Stuff!

  8. Epic battle re-run, and compliments for an amazing collection Jon - really love those sand-yellow austrian guns!

  9. I am really enjoying watching this battle develop. I find myself rooting for the Austrians to pull of the win.

    1. Glad you are enjoying the replay. You are rooting for the underdog since historically Eugene got the upper hand in this one. Still, a lot of battle left to decide.

  10. Ditto, ditto and ditto the others' comments about how enjoyable this one is.
    Are the French in the ascendency, do you think? Sixty chances for and only forty against, or perhaps better?!

    1. Thanks, James!

      To me, it appears the French cavalry are close to taking control of the plains on the east bank of the Pancza. With more French cavalry reinforcements on the way, it is just a matter of time.

      In the center, the outcome is still very much a toss up. Much depends upon the success of Severoli's impending attack.

      I give the outcome 70:30 to the French at this point but all hinges on the outcome in the center.

  11. A really epic battle your having there Jonathan! It looks great btw.


    1. The battle has been a long one, for sure.
      When will it end and who will prevail??


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