Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Old Glory French Mortar Teams in 15mm

I alluded to a French painting binge in an earlier post and to show that I am following through with that threat, below are a few Old Glory/Command Decision French mortar teams for the Narvik project.  Since I do not see French mortars listed in the Old Glory catalog, I must have used French artillery crew to build these stands.  For me, they will do.  To compliment these light mortar teams, two packs of Peter Pig heavier mortars are available to call up into the painting queue.

Four stands are shown in deployed or firing status while two stands will denote movement mode.  Only one such stand (either firing or movement) will be placed on the table at any one time.  When combat mode changes, the stand will be picked up off of the gaming table and replaced with the correct model.  Yes, I know that two move mode models cannot cover for four firing models.  There may be additional suitable figures in The Lead Pile.  I must make a dig and see what is unearthed.

Besides the Elite Miniatures French line infantry soon to march off the table, four French guns and crew for the 1799 Suvorov project are on the workbench.


  1. Interesting pieces. I could see the moving stands also substituting for Out of Ammo counters for some rule sets.

  2. Some nice looking pieces and the positions look good.


  3. Nice, always good to see the French getting some love


  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Simon and appreciate you stopping by.

  5. Nice paint job Jonathan! They certainly brought loads of ammo but no guns - that's very French isn't it? The more important bottle of good Bourgogne probably took logistical precedence ;0) Happy mining in the lead pile!

    1. Thank you, Soren! You are quite right about heavy equipment in Norway. Most of it went to the bottom before landing.

      "Mining the Lead Pile" ...that would be a good topic!


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