Thursday, July 24, 2014

Alt-Battle of Cerro Gordo, 1847 BatRep

The second battle of Cerro Gordo in the Mexican-American War was fought at Terry's at the end of June.  Given the American victory in our earlier clash (Cerro Gordo BatRep), Terry provided an alternative scenario.  This time, the Mexicans under Santa Anna caught wind of the American outflanking maneuver and repositioned his forces to thwart the plan.

While Terry commanded the Americans, John and I commanded the Mexicans.  Mexican forces were split with John taking the right and center.  I took command of Velasquez and the cavalry on the left.  Since the Mexican right consisted of a force solely of militia, the Mexican plan was to hold the right in support of the center as the Mexicans quickly brought the battle to the American left before they could be reinforced.  At start, the Mexican guns on the heights were sorely exposed and were much closer to the enemy than their own lines.  The guns needed support and quickly! 

The game was fought using the Mexican-American War variant of Regimental Fire and Fury using Terry's 25mm Scruby collection.  On to the action...
Mexican Deployment
U.S. Deployment with Mexican guns exposed on the hill
Mexican infantry prepare for action
Mexicans advance into the valley to support the guns
and take the fight to the Americans
Mexican left and center advance while the right, whose
ranks are filled with militia, hold
Mexicans continue the advance on the American right.
Contact!  Mexican cavalry charge the guns.
The guns limber and move away suffering no damage. 
Mexican advance continues cautiously
With the Mexican guns still unsupported,
the Americans charge the guns
Mexican gunners are overwhelmed.
Guns suffer damage and withdraw.
Hussars cover the left
while Vasquez leads an assault against the
Americans holding the ridge.
The Mexican assault is checked
and then disaster strikes!
Vasquez's command fails its Maneuver roll and routs!
There goes any hope of success on the Mexican left.
The repulse on the left triggers Vegas to advance in the center
while on the Mexican left cavalry clash.
U.S. dragoons drive off Mexican cuirassier and then
destroy a second Mexican cavalry unit.
With Velaquez in retreat, Mexican cavalry go in against
the Americans.  Even supported, the Mexican cavalry
make no progress and recall.
In the center, Vegas prepares for an assault against the hilltop
as the hussars force the American rifles into square.
Mexican charge goes in and then back from whence they came.
With the Mexican left and center in tatters, Santa Anna withdraws the remnants of his army from the field.  What can the Mexicans do to win a battle against the Americans?
That question remains unanswered! 

Another enjoyable outing with RFF using the Mexican-American variant.  I wonder which battle Terry will offer next?     


  1. Very nice, Jonathan. The figures and terrain give it a classic vintage look - all of which I love. Best, Dean

  2. I concur with DeanM.. awesome classical eye candy effect...
    Once again, great looking miniatures/ the terrain - Hills


  3. Nice report and I was rooting for the underdog this time. So a wing can rout from maneuver? That is tough.

    I think the best chance for the Mexicans is to put a battalion of Irish American soldiers on the table and dice each turn to see if they switch to the Mexican side. ;-)

    Every little bit helps!

    1. Since I commanded the Mexicans, I was rooting for them too!

      You are very funny about bringing in the Irish. They are not too particular who they will fight, are they?

    2. To answer your question about routing from Maneuver Roll, yes it can happen. The Mexican brigade had a poor leader (-1) and had lost a key position (-1). Rolling a one or two on the Maneuver Roll causes a Retreat Broken result. That is what I rolled.

    3. Interesting. Brutal but quite realistic.

      My favorite fighting Irish saying is "If you see a head, hit it." I love that saying as long as I'm not in a bar when a fight breaks out.

    4. Is that the Irish corollary to "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail?"

  4. "The best chance for the Mexicans is to put a battalion of Irish American soldiers on the table and dice each turn to see if they switch to the Mexican side"

    .....giggle :o)

    1. Yeah, I know..made me smile too! That funny Monty.

  5. Well done in the Old School way.


    1. Thanks, Christopher! this game was OS all the way from figures to terrain. Now, if we had been using some appropriate OS rules, we would have had a trifecta.

  6. A fine looking action - the Mexicans are definitely the more colourful of the two armies.

    1. Thanks, Conrad! If you cannot fight effectively, might as well look snappy trying!

  7. I agree with RayR. Lots of old school goodness on that table. Nice to see a MexAm War game.

    1. OS, for sure! Terry has been miniatures gaming since the mid 60's, I bet and has a particular interest in the MexAm War. I need to ask him why some time.

  8. The American side was certainly disproportionately successful in the Mexican American War, seemingly independent of the odds. If the rules reflect this, as they probably need to, winning with the Mexicans will always be a challenge!

    1. You know, the more we game this period, the more it seems like a colonial war where a small number of European training troops can withstand attacks from a much larger "native" force.

      I think we have not thrown enough natives into battle to make for a competitive game.

  9. Heh heh, you guys are literally the only other folks I know who game with Scruby Mexican War figures. I've got well over 1000, all painted in a semi-glossy, old-school style. (Not unlike yourself--great minds thinking alike, I guess.) I haven't played Regimental F&F. Reviews have been mixed. Is it worth the cost?

    Best regards from a new follower,

    Chris Johnson

    1. Welcome Chris!

      If you look around, you will see some of the Mexican Scrubys I recently painted. Old School style, for sure.

      As for RFF, yes, we do enjoy the rules although as in every set, there are a few quirks that require careful consideration. For us, they work although I think artillery is too powerful in the ACW edition.

      Appreciate you stopping by!


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