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Battle of Okehazama - Dengakuhazama Gorge , 1560 - BatRep

Dengakuhazama Gorge is a follow-on battle to Okehazama (BatRep here) with Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles.  After capturing the border forts, the Imagawa army stopped to rest and celebrate in the Dengakuhazama Gorge.  Nobunga quickly set to preparing a surprise attack on the Imagawa forces at ease in the gorge.  Placing a dummy force to the Imagawa front, Nobunga led an encircling force into the Imagawa rear.  After a thunderstorm passed, Oda forces attacked the rear of the Imagawa army.  Yoshimoto was killed and his army dispersed.  Will history repeat itself?

As the battle begins, Oda is in the Imagawa rear threatening the command tent.  Only a few Imagawa units are nearby with the bulk of the army too far away.  With only two command cards to begin, Imagawa will be limited in responses.  Reinforcements may have great difficulty in reaching Yoshimoto's command tent.  In the first photo, the Imagawa army has turned to face its opponent that is bearing down upon it.
Initial Deployment as seen from Imagawa front line
Initial deployment
Long line of Oda readying for surprise attack
Imagawa surprised
Oda's initial strikes target Imagawa outposts on the heights overlooking the command tent as Imagawa forces attempt to rush to the new battleline deep in their rear.  Only the mounted Samurai are able to approach the threatened command center.
Oda attacks Imagawa right
Initial Oda attack from behind Imagawa line
In that initial surprise surge, Oda forces see some success but suffer losses and fall back when Imagawa Samurai push through the battle line.  Down three banners to two, Oda redirects attacks against Yoshimoto's command tent and the general, himself.  After fending off multiple attacks and failed counterattacks, Yoshimoto is killed and his tent captured.

Oda victorious having claimed five banners to three.

Having been on the receiving end of the drubbing, I would enjoy giving this scenario another playing.  First, I think I could do better and second, we overlooked the rule that Imagawa Command Cards would grow one per turn up to five.  We maintained a constant Card Deck of only two cards hampering Imagawa even more than required.

Another fun and nail-biting game.


  1. Beautiful! That'll be a tough one for Imagawa even with the growing deck. Then again, it's fun to push yourself with a difficult game or scenario like this.

    1. Definitely a tough row to hoe for Imagawa. Holding the command tent long enough to bring up reinforcements will be key.

  2. The Japanese weren't much for set piece battles, where they? :-)

    1. Certainly not in this case! Feint and maneuver seems to be de rigeur.

  3. Another great Sengoku period game. You certainly have the history down too. Dean

    1. Thanks, Dean! I have one more battle to retell...


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