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Action At Porto Paquento

-- a Texas War of Independence Tussle From the Vault 
Action at Porto Paquento
The following two games were fought during the fall of 1999 using a modified version of With MacDuff to the Frontier (MacFarlane's blog where rules can be found) and Old Glory 25mm figures.  I know, a long time ago in a place far away but still an interesting Battle Report to reread after all of these years.  On to the games...
To right a recent injustice, a punitive for force sets out in search of vengeance.  In support of the main expedition inland, the Galveston Expeditionary Force (GEF) is given the task of securing the port at Porto Paquento from which supplies can be off-loaded.  The GEF is composed of two companies of the New Orleans' Greys, one company of Alabama Red Rovers, and one 4lb gun.  Rumors are that Porto Paquento is lightly defended by several under strength Mexican line companies.

Porto Paquento
As the GEF reaches the outskirts of Porto Paquento, a long line of Mexican troops are seen pouring over the bridge to the north side of town.
Mexicans rush to meet the enemy
Several Mexican companies opted to ford the marshy stream, however, slowing their advance.  Much to the Greys' surprise, a coy of Mexican Grenadiers form up in front of the bridge and force the 1st coy of the Greys to do likewise.
Greys deploy
The Greys' 1st coy gives the grenadiers a volley dropping ten men and then charges.  In the assault, five Greys fall while ten more grenadiers are hit.  The pressure is too much for the grenadiers and they fall back to the safety of the buildings.  The position vacated by the grenadiers is quickly replaced by the Mexican 1st Chasseurs who promptly form up and pour a withering fire into the disordered Greys' 1st coy.  The 1st NO Greys' commander is killed.
Chasseurs block approach
The Greys hold but the Mexican commander excited about the accuracy of the volley exclaims that his troops are "Bold and Spicy!" As the Mexicans are able to deploy and bring their 4 lb gun to bear, casualties mount for the Greys.
Mexican gun fires from bridge
The Mexican rifle coy and the gun in combination drop fifteen men and kill the commander of the 2nd NO Greys.  But the Greys hold. Deployed in a long grey line with the Texican 4 pounder between the two companies, the 1st NO Greys and the gun fire into the 1st Chasseurs.
Greys form up
The Chasseurs lose five men and retreat. The 2nd NO Greys fire into the advancing 3rd line coy killing five, seriously wounding its leader, and halting its advance.  In desperation, the Mexican commander orders the 2nd Chasseurs and 3rd Line to assault the NO Greys.  On the way in, the 2nd Chasseurs lose 15 men to the sharp-shooting 1st NO Greys.  With losses mounting, the 2nd Chasseurs break and run.  The fire from the 2nd NO Greys drop ten from the 3rd causing them to rout as well.  The Red Rovers, hesitant to close with Mexicans, maintain a harassing fire against any Mexicans trying to out-flank the Texicans along the shore.
Red Rovers advance
The 1st Chasseurs are caught by the Red Rovers attempting to reform and rout back into the stream.  With troops streaming to the rear, the Mexican commander orders an evacuation of Porto Paquento.
For Game 2, we reset the scenario and swapped sides.  The game began with both sides advancing into Porto Paquento but thereafter the game had few similarities to Game 1.  The Mexicans brought everyone onto the north side of the river very quickly via the bridge and deployed.

Mexicans deploy
For the Texicans, rather than making a direct approach towards the bridge, the 2nd NO Greys headed for the buildings for cover while the 1st NO Greys marched down the main street of Porto Paquento towards the bridge.  While the 2nd NO Greys headed onto the roof for a better view, the grenadiers fired into and then assaulted the yet to deploy 1st NO Greys.
Grenadiers assault
The 1st NO Greys caught unprepared, fall back to regroup. With the Mexican gun and three companies concentrating fire onto the rooftop, the 2nd NO Greys decide the rooftop was no place to be! 
Gun fires from bridge
The Greys take refuge inside the buildings.  The Mexican commander capitalizing on the pinned 2nd NO Greys coy, begins outflanking the 1st NO Grey coy using the 1st and 2nd Chasseur coys while the grenadiers maintain pressure.
Chasseurs attempt to outflank
In close combat among the buildings, the Mexican line coys drive the 2nd NO Grey out of the buildings and into the courtyard. The Rifles join into the attack on the 1st NO Greys coy.  Under punishing fire, the 1st NO Greys are pushed back to the courtyard wall for a "last stand."
N.O. Greys' last stand
In one last assault, the 1st Chasseurs captures the Texican gun by driving off the crew.
Chasseurs take Texican gun
 With the NO Greys in full retreat, the Red Rovers attempt to cover their retreat.

Thus ended the days' exploits.  Two skirmishes with two outcomes.


  1. Great report! You've done a wonderful work with these fights, pictures are really good...this is not a period we play, but that's a great temptation for us!

    1. Thanks, Phil! What period doesn't tempt? For me, I have found none.

  2. Nice looking game and great report!


  3. Fantastic looking game; figures and terrain top-notch. Glad you took and saved this photos. I would say the terrain could just as well be used for Peninsular scenarios too! Best, Dean

    1. Appreciate your kind comments, Dean! These photos were resurrected from the bowels of the computer. Yes, this terrain could easily be plopped into many semi-arid venues. Some of the terrain is from an aquarium shop.

  4. Great AAR! The terrain is excellent, great stuff.

  5. Good read and lovely figures and terrain mate.

  6. Love this period. Excellent AAR from 1999?! with some pretty pictures

    1. Thanks, MiniMike! Yes, the game was from 1999; deep within the recesses of my gaming vault.

  7. Enjoyed the pics and report; clearly an unbalanced scenario! :-)

    I have some stuff from the late 1990's that got lost when the old computer OS went fritzy; too bad!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Balanced in the sense that both the Texicans and Mexicans each won one game. Unbalanced in the sense that the same player team won both!

      Much of my older stuff has been deleted too but some of the old memories remain.


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