Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ashigaru Spearmen - Samurai Battles

The second stand of Ashigaru spearmen made it off the painting desk.  Like its predecessor, these Peter Pig figures sport red lacquered armor.


With Jake in Spokane for a day of Impetvs gaming on Sunday, talk, more than once,  turned towards Samurai Battles games. We both enjoy Command & Colors and the added depth of Samurai Battles makes for often tense and wild swinging games.  Great fun that we agreed must be scheduled soon.

Also, we discussed using our Samurai Battles figures for Impetvs.  Since our Samurai Battles' collections use single element basing,  porting to Impetvs should be straightforward with no difficulty.  Army lists are available both for Basic Impetvs (BI) and Impetvs.  With BI list only having eight elements, I could field both sides for a few test games.  I should give that a try.

On the painting desk are the following works in progress:

  • 8 15mm Peter Pig mounted Samurai that are nearly finished
  • 13 28mm Renegade Carthaginian veteran heavy infantry
  • 4 28mm Black Tree Design Arab camel cavalry


  1. Very nice! Colors are really impressive...

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, the red is pretty vibrant. They will be easy to spot in the dark.

  3. Good looking Samurai! And clever idea, using them in Impetus. I do love it when a set of figures can pull double duty and port to more than one ruleset!

    1. Thanks, Monty! My 6mm ancients for Command and Colors may see double duty with Impetvs as well.


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