Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Battle of Mont de Champion - BatRep

The gaming group gathered at Scott's for an Age of Eagles game featuring the teleportation of the ACW battle, Champion Hill, back in time to the Napoleonic Wars.  Specifically, the battle pitted French forces under the Little Corporal, himself, against the combined forces of Austrian and Russia.
French Cuirassiers prepare for charge
The French objective focused on taking and controlling the vital crossroads.  To accomplish that task, Mont de Champion must fall to the French.  A general overview of opening deployments is illustrated in the game photo below.
Opening positions
With French forces already in a position to compromise the Austrian right flank, the French plan of attack was to hit the Austrian right hard and turn that flank while applying pressure all along the front.  Having made the Austrian right untenable, the plan was to then focus on attacking the heights protecting the crossroads.

When the game began, Austrian guns held the heights while remaining troop deployments stretched along the road.  The Austrian commander hurried reinforcements to the front.
French prepare to attack Austrian  defensive line
Austrian guns on Mont de Champion
As French overpower the Austrian right and combat escalates, the Austrian left falls back as pressure on that flank increases.  French bring up lancers to within striking distance of the Austrian line while the French cavalry reserve trots forward.
Clash on Austrian left
French on the right and center advance on the crossroads.  Austrian dragoons on the extreme left strike out against the German allies but are met with a hail of cannon and musket fire.  The dragoons take heavy casualties and retreat back into the safety of the woods.
Brash Austrian dragoons strike out
From my vantage point on the far French right, I could not discern the details of the heated action on the left.  For those details, see Scott's blog entry of the battle.  I could, however, witness good French progress against Mont de Champion as waves of French infantry smashed against the Austrian gun line on the hill top.  As the smoke cleared, French troops were clearly seen controlling the heights. 
French waves slap against the Austrian gun positions
French take Mont de Champion
To bolster the Allied defense and attempt to thwart French progress, Austrian reinforcements arrive on the Allied right and the Russians arrive nearly in the French rear on the Allied left.
Russians arrive
Still, the French in the center and right push on, driving the Austrians back.  
Pretty Austrian Dragoons
French center and right presses on
With Russians on their flank, three German brigades are diverted from their primary task of driving the Austrians from the field.  To support the French right, Napoleon releases the heavy cavalry division.
Austrians withdraw while Russians attack
Russians assault French right
The French heavy cavalry quickly counter attack the Russian infantry.  The first charge of the cuirassiers is repulsed as the Russians form square but the square just as quickly draws fire from artillery.  Disordered by artillery fire, the second charge into the Russians causes them to buckle and retreat.
French counter attack Russians
With the threat to the French right flank neutralized, the task of shoving the Austrians back upon their LOC continues.  At this point, the Allies choose to break off the engagement in an attempt to disengage in the face of a victorious foe. 

French drive deep into Austrian line
 The victors and the vanquished.
French: Kevin, Scott M. Allies: Scott R and Don


  1. Fantastic report Jonathan, great pics, very nice expanations and beautiful figures!
    Does Scott have a stomach ache?

    1. Hi Phil!
      If Scott had a stomach ache, he did not mention it. Of course, this photo was taken following lunch!

      Scott's pose is actually a pose of confidence. Look at the expression on his face. He does look confident, n'est-ce pas? I would too given the thrashing he administered to the Allied right.

      There are a number of theories as to why this portrait pose was popular with others besides Napoleon. This link,
      examines some of the theories.

      Thanks for the comments.

  2. Hi Jon
    Good AAR, I like taking historical scenarios and changing the time period, they can provide some intersting games.

    Some nice painted figures there, I love Austrians. When I get done with the Peninsular I'm going to have to scratch the 1809 itch

    1. Thanks, Jonathan. It is fun to plop a battle into a different time period. It is especially entertaining to see if the players can guess which battle it is.

      The figures are all of Scott's handiwork.


  3. There are only winners and no losers when you get to push figures this beautiful!

    Would the 3 Austrian batteries on the hill have fared better if they had support? Not that I'm back seat general-ling!

    1. True! It is the comaraderie that counts.

      Three batteries should have been able to blast some nasty holes into the French assault but I did not witness the details of that attack. Perhaps, the Austrians rolled poorly?

      My doctrine is that guns should be supported.

  4. Great looking game,
    Those Austrian and French Curassiers look tasty!

    1. Thanks, Paul. The work was all of my friend's Scott. Welcome aboard!


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