Saturday, March 30, 2013

Painting Update - SYW and ACW

The painting motivation has been largely absent since returning from vacation.  In fact, I only made it down into the game room on one occasion during the work week.  With a bit of time this weekend, I managed to push a couple of units off the painting table.

First up are 60 10 ACW Confederate infantry.  These figures are based 10 per stand for either Regimental Fire and Fury (RFF) or my own, Republic.  For RFF, I use three command strips per regiment to denote unit effectiveness (fresh, worn, and spent).  When a unit reaches worn status, one of the command strips is removed.  When the unit reaches spent status the second command strip is removed.  In this fashion, effectiveness can be identified at a glance.

Next up are two squadrons of SYW Prussian hussars from the 3rd Hussar Regiment.  Each squadron comprises six figures on two stands.  While other cavalry from this project are mounted on 30mm deep bases, the Eureka Prussian and Austrian hussars must be mounted on 40mm deep bases to accommodate the size of the figure.  The dragoons and cuirassiers are sculpted in standing poses and maintain a much smaller footprint than their lighter brethren.  Eureka's Prussian/Austrian hussars not only have a larger footprint than the heavies due to the galloping pose but the figures are larger too.  

I picked up some Eureka French and Russian hussars that fit into the 30mm deep footprint of the heavier cavalry that will likely see service under both Prussia and Austria.  My historical justification for mounting the light cavalry on a deeper stand is that the hussars would have operated in a more loose formation and the unit's deployment area would necessarily require additional depth.



  1. You're back in the saddle! A Hussar regiment plus ACW is a busy weekend. Nice work, and interesting basing on the ACW.

    Some of us are going to jump into ACW via Longstreet and we've decided to base in a way that would allow us to also field the ACW armies under Fire and Fury. I should buy F&F so I can remember what the basing requirements are.

    1. Monty, not quite back in the saddle yet. Still having difficulty getting down to the game room in the evenings after work. Weather made a turn for the better and I have not made it downstairs since Saturday.

      I look forward to reading about your exploits using LONGSTREET. Since LONGSTREET uses base widths for measuring distance, any basing scheme should work as long as both sides are similarly based. BFF and RFF both list 1.0 x 0.75 inch stands for infantry so that should work for LONGSTREET too.

      For my 10mm ACW project, I mount two five-figure strips on a 1.125 x 0.875 base. Each base counts as two RFF bases. Scott mounts his 15mm RFF infantry three per 20mm x 15mm base (or maybe it is 25mm by 15mm?).


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