Sunday, February 17, 2013

18mm SYW Project - Austrian Cuirassiers

With many projects ongoing, it may not be surprising that large time intervals can accrue between revisiting the same figure and the same project.  Such is the case with my SYW project and to set the stage (and, perhaps, aid my defense), my painting log shows I last painted Austrian cuirassiers in August 2011.

Fresh off the painting table are two squadrons of Austrian Cuirassier Regiment #12, Serbelloni.  

A funny thing happened while painting these two squadrons of Eureka Austrian cuirassiers.  When I grabbed these twelve figures from the lead pile, I figured they were Prussian cuirassiers since they had no pom-pom and oak leave field sign. Without closer inspection, two Prussian squadrons were identified as candidates for the painting table.  Horses were painted, and most uniform accoutrements were finished when I noticed that these cuirassiers did not have the sabretache typical of the Prussian cuirassier.  Well, that's odd, I thought.  I pulled painted Prussian cuirassiers off the shelf and found that these figures did not match the ones I was painting.  I then pulled Austrian cuirassiers out of their box and found to my surprise that they matched the figures on the painting table!  Only then did I recall clipping off the pom-poms and field signs from some Austrian cuirassiers.  Rats.

Now, I had to go back to the guide book and find two already-fielded Austrian cuirassier regiments to which I could add these two squadrons.  In the end, I decided to field two squadrons of Serbelloni.  This change from Prussian to Austrian required repainting the horse furniture, cloak, breeches, and the facings.  Not much to redo but still, who enjoys rework? 

Another project I someday need to tackle is "flagging" all of my SYW horse regiments.  


  1. Very nice looking cuirassiers!

    1. Phil, glad you like them! One of these weeks I'll pull the whole collection out onto the table and take a group photo.


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