Wednesday, February 20, 2013

28mm AWI Project - British 4th Regiment

Just mustered off the painting table is the British 4th Regiment of Foot.  The regiment consists of 20 Perry figures wearing the cut down coat and slouch hat.

Latest bulletin from the front is that the group with gather for an AWI game on Sunday.  That is welcome news for my British and Germans patiently waiting for their chance in battle.

Preliminary scenario looks to be Freeman's Farm.  An excellent choice since it allows me to field both British and Germans.  From my collection, I can field any of the following:
  • 7 British foot regiments (3x20, 4x16)
  • 1 British combined Grenadier BN (1x16)
  • 1 British combined Light Infantry BN (1x16)
  • 6 British guns
  • 3 German musketeer regiments (3x24)
  • 1 German grenadier BN (1x24)
  • 2 German fusilier regiments (2x24)
  • 2 German guns
  • 18 German jaegers mounted in pairs
Also in the collection are a handful of unbased British skirmishers.  I was planning to wait to pick up a few Litko bases from Scott on which to mount them but if needed for the game, these skirmishers could be stuck onto cut balsa bases.  

We'll see soon which regiments can cover themselves in glory while putting an end to this ridiculous revolt. 


  1. Wonderful looking bunch, Johnathan, even if on "wrong" side! The battle flags are icing on the cake.

    Is there anything better than a weekend game with friends and newly painted figures for the table? Good luck, boys!

    1. When facing off against Mr. MacPhee, I always need a bit of luck to eke out a win. He is a tough opponent and uses his rules' knowledge to great advantage. Group game days with Scott have been sparse of late so this activity will be a treat. A battle report will likely be posted probably from more than one perspective (and likely with more than one version of events).

      As always seems to happen prior to a game, I have a few additional figures to paint before Sunday's game...

  2. Outstanding unit. The details on the standard really make the entire formation look top notch. Good luck on the game, can't wait to see the results.

    1. Thanks! I have been enjoying painting these AWI 28s. The Perry figures lack much of the fiddly details found on full dress uniforms so I can crank them out.

  3. Fantastic looking unit, great work on those guys, and fabulous flags!

    1. Thanks, Phil. I have a similar British foot regiment coming off the painting table soon.


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