Sunday, November 25, 2012

French & Indian War Action

Only the initial two moves of the Thanksgiving Day game were completed before we moved upstairs for hors d'oeuvres, final dinner preparations, and dinner.  After meal discussions meant we never made it back downstairs to complete the game.  

While the French were content to hold their initial positions, the British begin their advance towards the stream.  On the British left, one coy of the 1st Royals exit the woods and form up at the edge of the clearing.  Advancing through the woods on the right, the militia struggle to keep formation and progress is slow.  Wisely, the frontiersmen were pushed out ahead of the militia main body.
La Reine Rgt in line

La Reine Grenadiers in reserve

1st Royal Rgt of foot

Colonial Militia

Royals begin advance
To counter the British advance, the French move one company of La Reine across the stream and prepare for the attack while the coureur des bois attempt to outflank the British light infantry on the British left.  In the center and right, native warbands take up positions in the brush along the stream.
Warband lurking in woods
As the frontiersmen push towards the stream, a war whoop shatters the tranquil advance and one warband emerges from the brush to contact the frontiersmen.  Fortunately, the frontiersmen spot the attackers before the warband closes.  Unfortunately, their musket fire is ineffective and fails to stop the attackers.  Both combatants take casualties in the initial clash but the woodland cover and loose formations result in a close range skirmish with no decisive outcome.
Irregulars skirmish
In the center, rangers are pushed to the stream bank to cover both the advancing militia and the right of the Royals.
Rangers advance to cover center
With the British advance continuing to plod towards the French positions, British light infantry must focus on the outflanking maneuver that the coureur des bois are attempting to pull off on the British extreme left.  Successfully spotting the French trappers, the light infantry turn to engage.

Outflanking attempt by CdB
Turn 2 ends with the British bearing down on the French positions while skirmishing erupts on both flanks.  As the militia remain in the woods on the approach towards the stream, it will be important for the British to maintain a buffer between the natives and the vulnerable militia. To ensure both the safety of the militia and the Royals' right, the British commander joins the rangers to emphasize the importance of their role in the upcoming clash.

 The game remains set up on the table and will continue on 08 DEC 2012.  
Dispositions end of Turn 2


  1. Looks great and set up to be a real corker!


    1. Thanks, Christopher. A long time has passed since my FIW collection has seen action on the game table. When the game reconvenes, we'll see if they have forgotten how to fight.


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