Friday, November 30, 2012

15mm Second Italian War of Independence Project

November finished with a flurry of work on the 1859 project.  Five Austrian battalions of infantry passed across the painting table with one battalion finishing up today.  Each battalion is 18 figures strong.  Added to the Austrian and Sardinian artillery, and the Sardinian heavy horse completed earlier this month, November ended up as an '1859' focus month.

The only other 'non-1859' figures painted in November were 36 6mm auxilia for Commands and Colors.  For the month, 170 figures were completed along with 8 guns.

Not a bad month!

While I have more 1859 figures primered and ready for the paint brush, my attention will be diverted, slightly to a new period.  A new period?  Well, yes.  After the great fun I had with Samurai Battles and Jake's 15mm figures, I picked up a few packs of Peter Pig samurai as a test.  The first unit of Ashigaru foot should be finished this weekend.   


  1. They look great, I am looking forward to their first outing. On the Samurai front I just added the varnish to 2 more units of Ashigaru Archers and 1 of Sohei monks. They were the last of my Minifig, which is uninspiring so I am interested to see how the Peter Pig minis turn out.

    1. Peter Pig Samurai figures are very nice. You won't be disappointed.


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