Tuesday, October 2, 2012

15mm AWI British Foot Regiments

Most units in the ECW collection have been placed on the "30mm ECW" page header.  Not included in this pictorial are a number of figures used as informational markers. 

15mm AWI Project:
Following up from the post showing the French and German contingents, below are photos of the British foot regiments.  Regiments are composed of either Frontier (FR), Freikorps (FK), Jeff Valent (JV), or Minifig (MF) figures.  Regiment identification is listed left to right.

 Delancey's Bde (FK), 44th (JV),22nd (JV),10th (JV)

 9th (JV), 62nd (JV), Queen's Rangers (FR), 47th (JV)

 33rd (JV), 5th (FR), 38th (FR), 49th (FR)

 17th (FR), 52nd (FR), 37th (JV), 63rd (JV)

 Combined Lt Infantry (FR), Combined Grenadier (FR),
 71st Highland (FR), King's Royal Regiment (FR) 

 24th (JV), 4th (JV), 27th (JV), 45th (JV)

Lt Infantry (FK), Lt Infantry (FK), Prinz Ludwig Dragoons (MF), 
Hesse-Darmstadt Jaegers (MF), Hessian Jaegers (MF)

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