Sunday, October 21, 2012

Projects Update

28mm Ancients (2nd Punic War):
Two more Roman units have been added to the project: one 9-figure Roman cavalry unit and one 12-figure unit of slingers.  Both the cavalry and slingers are from Renegade Miniatures.

The Aventine Princepes/Triarii below received the Minwax stain treatment.  Most of the other units in the project have been given the Minwax treatment but I couldn't be certain with these heavy infantry so I gave them a wash when I washed the French cavalry noted in the Napoleonic update below.

28mm Napoleonic Project:
No new figures have passed across the painting table but these two bodies of French cavalry recently received the Minwax stain treatment.  Minwax Tudor stain adds a bit of shadowing effect by pooling in the model recesses and adds depth to the finished model.  Although the pictures may not illustrate this technique, the result is pleasing to my eye and works well on lead horse flesh.

More Front Rank cavalry are on the way to bolster the cavalry arm of this project.  Included in the purchase are British light and heavy dragoons, French dragoons, French Chasseurs a Cheval, and Spanish dragoons.  All figures are outfitted for the earlier part of the Wars (Peninsular specifically) so the British light dragoons are in tarleton and the British heavies are sporting bicorns.

18mm SYW Project:
Battalion #2 of Austrian IR#2 passed across the painting table in October.  Now, I must go back and paint the combined grenadiers for Infantry Regiment #2.

One of this weekend's tasks is to apply primer to 54 Blue Moon AWI Hessians pressed into service as SYW Prussians.  When completed, these figures will be fielded as one Prussian infantry regiment of two battalions plus one half of the grenadiers (eight figures) for a combined grenadier battalion.  Included in this total are two Eureka mounted Prussian officers with one per battalion.

While the Blue Moon infantry are fantastic, the mounted officers and cavalry are lacking good form.  From the few Blue Moon horse I have, the sculpts appear too thin in the neck and don't match my image of a horse.

Still in the painting queue are SYW light infantry for both Austria and Prussia.  These light infantry will be based in open order having five figures per stand.  Of course, these will be the first open order troops for the project so I may change basing once I have the figures painted.  Sometimes, my plans do not survive contact with reality. 


  1. Very nice work! I'm very partial to Aventine figures!


    1. I agree! I'm partial to the Aventine's as well. The Aventine figures are really very nicely sculpted. While most of my ancients figures are Renegade and Black Tree Design, I do have a few handfuls of Aventine's remaining to paint. To me, the Aventine cavalry tend towards the smaller end of 28mm.

  2. Being more of a fan of the Punic Wars, I really appreciate the paint job on these figures! I have some ACW Renegade figures- a bit tall but good...anyway, I like it all and find it hard to find fault so I'm not going to bother! Keep it up, Regards David

    1. Renegade figures are indeed on the large side of 28mm. The cavalry figures are huge in comparison to both Old Glory and Aventine. Some like the figures; others do not. I happen to like the figures very much. I have Renegade figures from both ECW and Ancients ranges and haven't been disappointed yet.

      Appreciate your comments.


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