Monday, April 4, 2011

Project Updates

 Command Colors Ancients/Napoleonics:
I returned from two days in the Renton office with a terrible cold/flu. The primary purpose of my trip to the office was to upgrade my laptop thereby sliding in under the IT deadline of upgrading to Windows 7 by Mar 31. Due to my illness, however, our CCN game was cancelled and rescheduled for April 9. Kevin has the labels for Waterloo mounted and ready for our trial.

28mm Napoleonic Project:
A sample order from Brigade Games' French Revolutionary War range arrived. I ordered enough French to field one battalion for myself and one for Scott. The figures are very nice and will match quite well with Front Rank in size but are a little less well-fed. The animation of the drooping bicornes gives one the sense that these troops have witnessed hard campaigning. The skirmishers are exquisite! Below are a few samples from Brigade Games' website.

15mm Napoleonic Project: Albuera
Spanish command consisting of two Corps/Army command stands (two figures each) and six division commanders are painted and ready for flocking. I used this activity to rebase all of the French divisional command from one inch rounds (from Joanne's Fabrics) to 30mm Litko rounds. Now, the French divisional command mountings will be compatible with the Spanish and British commanders. One more unit remains to be painted for Albuera. That is, one stand of Portuguese 5th Cacadores. I originally had planned on having the cacadores distributed throughout the Portuguese foot regiments but the 5th Cacadores were an independent unit thus requiring a separate unit.

18mm SYW Project:
Rob from Eureka USA announced that the SYW French are now available. The listing is quite extensive and some of the codes have as many as 60 variants. Below is the French listing:

300SYW400 French musketeer, no turnbacks, marching (60)
300SYW401 French musketeer, turnbacks, marching (60)
300SYW402 French drummer (5)
300SYW403 French officer (5)
300SYW404 French standard bearer (5)
300SYW405 French NCO (5)
300SYW406 Grenadier de France, marching (60)
300SYW407 Grenadier de France drummer (40)
300SYW408 Grenadier de France officer (4)
300SYW409 Grenadier de France standard bearer (4)
300SYW410 Grenadier de France NCO (4)
300SYW411 Mounted officer (5)
300SYW412 Mounted officer in cuirasse (5)

300SYW412 12lb cannon (5)
300SYW413 4lb cannon (5)
300SYW414 Artillerymen (16)

300SYW415 Hussar in mirliton (24)
300SYW416 Hussar Officer (3)
300SYW417 Hussar Standard bearer (3)

300SYW418 Chevau legers, tricorn (24)
300SYW419 Chevau legers tricorn Officer (3)
300SYW420Chevau legers tricorn, standard bearer (3)
300SYW421 Chevau legers tricorn, trumpeter (3)
300SYW422 Chevau legers tricorn, kettle drummer (3) >
300SYW423 Chevau legers bearskin (24)
300SYW424 Chevau legers bearskin Officer (3)
300SYW425 Chevau legers bearskin, standard bearer (3)
300SYW426 Chevau legers bearskin, trumpeter (3)
300SYW427 Chevau legers bearskin kettle drummer (3)

300SYW428 Dragoons in tricorn (12)
300SYW429 Dragoons in pokalem (12)
300SYW430Dragoons in tricorn Officer (3)
300SYW431 Dragoons in tricorn Standard bearer (3)
300SYW432 Dragoons in tricorn drummer (3)

300SYW433 Cuirassier du Roi (24)
300SYW434 Cuirassier du Roi Officer (3)
300SYW435 Cuirassier du Roi Standard bearer (3)
300SYW436 Cuirassier du Roi trumpeter (3)

300SYW437 Mounted general staff (3)
300SYW438 Dismounted general staff (3)

Although I didn't request any of the French, I did place an order through Scott to resupply the Austrian and Prussian musketeers.

15mm Second War of Italian Independence Project:
On the painting table are two battalions of Piedmontese infantry. These two battalions (24 figures) clear out the inventory of the unpainted Italian line infantry until the resupply from 19th Century Miniatures arrives. Currently, my order is in Pending status.

March 2011 Painting Totals:
March painting activities centered on the Albuera project and SYW project. The Blue Moon French figures were really a joy to paint.

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