Sunday, March 27, 2011

Projects Update and CCA

Command Colors Ancients:
Before our scheduled CCN game on April 2nd, Scott came over Saturday with two of his CCA modules in tow. We played ten games in under seven hours including a long time-out for lunch. Most games lasted no more than 30 minutes. Scott's organizational skills made short work of set up and take down. We refought Akragas four times (S3:J1), Cannae four times (S2:J2), and Ilipa twice (S0:J2). So, we each won five games from both sides of the board. Both Ilipa games were very closely contested with the last Ilipa game witnessing a come-from-behind victory to take three banners on the last turn while Scott only needed one more banner to reach 7. As the day progressed, some rules that had been interpreted incorrectly were rectified and we both saw tactics beginning to evolve in our play.

15mm Napoleonic Project:
The two Portuguese batteries and two Spanish batteries are finished excluding flocking. More unfinished business for Albuera. Spanish higher command is needed. I'll likely need to field four infantry divisional commanders, two cavalry brigade commanders, and two Army command stands. Without having specific Spanish command figures, a search through my inventory of Spanish/British cavalry and British generals must be done to find suitable figures. Perhaps, I could use surplus French generals/ADCs as well?

18mm SYW Project:
Painting the two battalions of Prussian IR#19 wrapped up one week ago on Sunday and work began on the grenadier components for IR#8 and IR#19. These 16 figures exhaust my inventory of Eureka Prussian infantry. Prussian inventory remaining include artillery and a large assortment of cavalry. The Prussian cavalry will be primarily used in fielding a fifth squadron to each of the existing Prussian horse.

 15mm Second War of Italian Independence Project:
The 1859 project was initially geared towards building the OB for San Martino between the Italians and Austrians. My plan remains intact but additional figures must be ordered to muster more than a small scale action. Currently, I have only about 10 battalions painted per combatant. Still too few to conduct the entire battle but perhaps enough to refight the attacks on Monata. The Austrian 1st Hussars are complete and represents the first of the Old Glory cavalry to be completed. The sculpting on the hussars is weak by Old Glory standards. Detail is lacking and molding is weak with most of the troopers brandishing very wispy swords. At some point, these swords will likely require replacement. I hope the French cavalry are better sculpted.

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