Thursday, February 10, 2011

Influx of History Books II

The stream of post-Christmas books continues. Arrivals within the last month include:
  • The Philadelphia Campaign Volume 2 - McGuire
  • With Zeal and Bayonets Only - Spring
  • The War of Austrian Succession - Browning
I'm looking forward to diving into Spring's book to get a better sense of how the British conducted battle during the AWI.

A few recent acquisitions from eBay include:
  • Reiter Husaren und Grenadiere
  • Frederick the Great's Allies 1756-63 - Reid/Embelton
  • Marlborough's Army 1702-11 - Barthorp/McBride
Another hobby-related Christmas gift was a 1/48 Tamiya Sherman from Scott. He has been prodding me for some time to give modeling a try. With this gift, he knew I had no choice. I built the Sherman and it is ready for painting and detailing. We'll get together on Friday for a painting night that will likely include work on the tank. The Sherman is a nifty model and Scott assures me that the 28mm figures fit nicely with 1/48 scale vehicles. Perhaps we'll be seeing a little WWII skirmish gaming in the near future? One problem lingers. What rules to use for this level of gaming? The group has tried several rulesets; none have provided the results to which all are pleased.

January's painting completions were dominated by the 18mm SYW Project. All Prussian command is finished as are two battalions of Musketeer Regiment #8. I didn't have the correct number of grenadiers primed so the grenadier companies will follow later. In preparation for my planned 200th Anniversary Albuera game, elements from two Portuguese dragoon regiment passed across the painting table. Added to these were two squadrons of French Hussars (Napoleonics) and the 7th Penn. Regiment (AWI). Not a bad month. Thus far in February, I completed 10 1st Corps ancient German cavalry that have been taunting me from the primed box for far too long. Oh, and I finished rebasing the Napoleonic Prussian cavalry.

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