Monday, January 16, 2017

Top Commenters Gift Card Drawing

I enjoy receiving feedback from readers.  One feature of maintaining a wargaming blog is that a blog entry may have many views but most readers lurk rather than leave a comment.  That is fine.  Those that leave comments are greatly appreciated.  Those visitors who routinely post comments are honored.  The purpose of the Top 10 Commenters widget allows identifying the most prolific followers.

To show my appreciation and gratitude to the cadre who not only take the time for a visit but also to compose a reply, I offer a drawing of one USD$25 Gift Card to one reader on the Top 10 List.  The Gift Card can be chosen by the recipient and valid towards any vendor allowing purchase of an electronic gift card. is an example of a book vendor fitting this criteria as are Eureka Miniatures, Brigade Games, and Newline Designs.  There are many others.  If the winner can find a vendor offering this capability, I will purchase the gift card and send the voucher on via email.      

Entries are weighted by rank.  That is, Gonsalvo at the top of the rankings receives 10 entries.  Dartfrog in Slot #2 receives 9 entries down to Scott MacPhee in 10th place with 1 entry.  Drawing will be by Simple Random Sampling with weighting by rank.  That is it.  On to the drawing...

And the winner of the USD$25 Gift Card is: 

Selection Method Simple Random Sampling

Input Data Set PWJ2017
Random Number Seed 195687001
Sample Size 1
Selection Probability 0.018182
Sampling Weight 55
Output Data Set SAMPLESRS


Congratulations, Jake.  A good way to begin 2017 with an unsolicited gift.  Please send me your email details along with your vendor of choice.  If for some reason you wish not to receive the voucher, I will draw again.

N.B. 18JAN2017 - Dartfrog requested a Warlord Gift Card as his award.  It has been sent.


  1. Excellent idea!

    Congratulations Dartfrog!

  2. Nice. Once my blog grows up a bit to have a decent compendium of comments, I may add something like this.

  3. What a great idea, well done Jonathan and congrats to Dartfrog!!!

  4. Woohoo probability works in my favor for once! (I spent yesterday being trounced by Mason in Samurai Battles)

    1. As for companies... Lets be honest, what would be the best source to start my opposition to your Assyrians?

    2. The odds did favor you this time. With a Rank of 2, you influenced your own luck.

      The company depends upon the opponent you are interested in fielding. Foundry seems an obvious choice but Newline or BTD would be a good choice too. What have you decided to build?

    3. 1st Congratulations to Jake. Opposition for Asyrians: I use NK Egyptians due to alifelong fascvination with Ancient Egypt, but it would actually have ben one of the later Kushite dynasties. Still, the troops wouldn't have been all that different. The other leading candidates would include Baylonians, Hebrews, Elamites, Uartuans (Uartu was a constant thorn in the Assyrian posterior), and various Syrians/Canaanites. Maybe early Medes, too?

    4. Peter, Jake has mentioned an interest in the Medes although I am not sure which figures would be appropriate. They probably looked a lot like Persians or perhaps Persians looked a lot like Medes! Foundry has a fine line of Babylonians, Canaanites, and Egyptians. We will have see what catches Jake's eye.

      I also have a fascination with Ancient Egypt too. That reminds me, I have photos to share from my return to the Vatican Museum in September.

  5. Only 1.8%? I've got start harassing you more. :-)

  6. Congratulations Dartfrog on the win and very nice of you Jonathan to offer the gift!


  7. Thanks to all you gents for your continued support! Many of you were well positioned for the drawing. Dartfrog's chit was pulled first. In this situation, Rank has its benefits! I will do this again.

  8. Nice idea and congrats to Dartfrog.