Friday, September 16, 2016

Action at Brawner's Farm - BatRep

With the lead up to the Action at Brawner's Farm detailed back in June (see Action at Brawner's Farm - Scenario), I recently gathered the troops for a refight.  The action begins at 5:15pm with elements of Jackson's Corps springing a surprise attack upon King's Division as it marches along the Warrenton Pike.  With limited daylight, Jackson must strike swiftly to take advantage of this surprise before the Federals can react.  As fate would have it, Jackson's attack struck the later acclaimed Iron Brigade under Gibbon and Doubleday.  This would be the Iron Brigade's baptism of fire.  As game moderator, I did not take many notes during the heated action so photos must relay the narrative.

The action opened with Confederate artillery catching the Federals in column marching east along the Warrenton Pike.  We pick up the action after the initial Confederate artillery fire. 
Surprised and taking fire,
Gibbon and Doubleday deploy their regiments to the north of the pike.
As the Federals deploy,
Jackson becomes impatient that his commanders are not acting.
Grabbing the 26 GA and 60 GA,
Jackson,himself, strikes off for Brawner's Farm.
Jackson leads the Georgians to take Brawner's Farm
Deployed, the Federal infantry advance through the woods
 to threaten Brawner's Farm and discourage artillery fire
Doubleday sends two regiments into the woods on the Federal
 left to pin half of the Stonewall Brigade.
Taking casualties, the Stonewall BDE holds its ground
Will stalemate on the left, Federals mass their guns
 and advance upon Brawner's Farm in the center.
Jackson beats the Federals to the farm and digs in
 for the assaults that will be coming.
Jackson takes fire but holds the farm
Federals close in on Jackson at Brawner's Farm.
With his subordinates inactive, Jackson must hold on
as the Union wave crests on his position.
Jackson's position is threatened on both flanks
Taking heavy casualties,
the Stonewall Brigade falls back from the farm.
Federal guns pound the Rebel positions disordering
all of the Confederate formations.
In the confusion, Jackson falls from his horse.
Mortally wounded!
Jackson is carried from the field.
With the Confederate center reeling,
 Doubleday pushes on against the Rebel right.
With no response from the Reb forces lingering in reserve,
Rebels fall back to the copse of trees seeking reprieve
 from the ferocious Federal artillery.
Heavily outnumbered, Confederates hug the treeline
in search of shelter.
Rockbridge battery deploys near the railroad cut and
begins lending support while Maryland and Courtney batteries
 take up positions near Stony Ridge.
Two battle lines are drawn up as Confederates
cling to the bank of the railroad cut.
Finally!  As dusk looms, Trimble and Lawton snap into action.
Both formations step out of the railroad cut. 
With night approaching and Jackson lost, Ewell calls off
the attack to regroup and reconsider his options
for the morrow.
With heavy fighting, both forces were approaching heavy casualties.  Although Gibbon was roughed up and would unlikely offer much resistance to combined attacks by Lawton and Trimble on the Federal right, Ewell had no stomach for continuing the fight.

The loss of Jackson will be felt, no doubt.  In the Iron Brigade's baptism of fire, they came through to fight Jackson to a standstill.  Gibbon and Doubleday gain a victory for their actions on the field this evening.

What if Ewell had pressed on as night fell?  Could Lawton and Trimble have tipped the balance and gained victory from the jaws of defeat?


  1. Great looking bat rep, nice see saw action and well laid out.
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you very much! Good to get the collection into a game.

  2. Great looking, and realistic, game Jonathan, so many casualties for this period...Nicely done!

  3. Very nice presentation of an interesting battle, with a typically ambiguous ACW result.
    I can't tell if these are 15mm or 6mm figures, but they look great either way, especially the colourful Zouaves!

    1. Thanks, Michael! You have hit on each side of the figure size. They are 10s!

  4. Thanks again for hosting, Jon. It was a fun game! Although I do admire Jackson, I have to admit that it felt good shooting him off his horse.

    1. Was my pleasure! Can't believe it had been so long since we last gamed at the same table. I bet Kevin felt quite a different emotion when Jackson went down under your hail of shot and ball. I picked up the game where we left it and continued on with Lawton and Trimble's attack.

  5. Great looking game, and a fine narrative, Jon. Your 10mm troops look superb; very well suited to the ACW!

    1. Thank you, Peter! No disagreement with 10mm as well suited for large scale ACW gaming. I like the look of the Old Glory figures on strip very much.

  6. lovely games report and writing Jon!... oh...great photos too! :o)


  7. Far too late to the game to be commenting here, but it was an outstanding game. I enjoyed commanding Gibbon's demonstrating on the right flank as Doubleday's flying "Grand Battery" worked its magic on the left.

    1. Never too late for a comment, Jake!

      I plan to make an adjustment to the 'flying grand battery' in the upcoming replay. Since most of those guns historically participated from a distance by maintaining their place on the turnpike, I will do the same.

  8. Nice report and helpful pics. What a bonus that it features the Iron Brigade. Well done!

  9. Wow attacking the iron Brigade was like poking the bear.