Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monthly Painting Tally AUG 2012

With no chance of completing any more figures in August, I'll close out the month a few days early. Production would have been quite low had it not been for the late addition of 96 6mm Romans.

Monthly Painting Tally for AUG 2012

Unit_Name Nation Era Scale Figure Cnt Equip Cnt
Line Regiment France Italian War of Independence 15mm 24
6th Portuguese Cacadore Battalion Portugal Napoleonic Wars 28mm 16
Hastati Rome Punic Wars 6mm 48
Princepes Rome Punic Wars 6mm 48
German Infantry Germany WWII 28mm 10
Totals 146

28mm World War II Project:
Ten BTD Germans are finished with a photo of four of the figures below. The BTD Germans are nicely sculpted with good detail and mix of poses and equipment.

28mm Napoleonic Project:
Added one battalion of Portuguese cacadores (6th) to the collection. The battalion comprises twelve formed troops and four skirmishers. The Portuguese are all Front Rank. On the painting table is one battalion of Brigade Games' British line. Up next for the project will be eight British Light Dragoons.

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  1. Oh, lovely Ca├žadores!!! You put me to shame, I really must paint mine...! Cheers!!


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