Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Battle of Bagradas and CC:A in Miniature

BTD USA has been receiving a light barrage of orders from me in the last two months. Their frequent, deep-discount sales push me over the edge. The July 4th sale was another opportunity for BTD USA to drawn me into ordering more troops. With nearly 53% discount from retail, I ordered two platoons of WWII Germans and a second dozen Cretan archers. Luckily for me, the WWII figures paint quickly. Another recent purchase includes an order from Renegade. In the package were slingers and Roman cavalry. In an early order, two of the Roman cavalry horses were damaged. With this order, I noted the damage and requested replacements. This order contained four additional horses in excellent condition.

Not much painting has been accomplished thus far in August. Only 16 28mm Portuguese have been completed with nine 28mm WWII Germans on the painting table. Why has painting dropped so much in August? Family commitments have contributed to the slip but I've also been working on transferring Command and Colors: Ancients to the tabletop. I picked up a Woodland Scenics grass map from a local model train shop and spray painted the hex grid over the mat. The initial troop deployments from the scenario, Bagradas, are shown in the photo below.

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