Sunday, January 29, 2012

Commands and Colors: Napoleonics

I joined Kevin and Dylan on Saturday afternoon for three hours of Command and Colours: Napoleonics. Scott had planned to join but was sidelined my a recent medical procedure. The three of managed to fit in three games in the three hours. Barossa was fought twice: one victory going to the French and one victory to the allies. I was victorious in both games. In the final game of the afternoon, Kevin's French faced off against Dylan's British/Portuguese in the action at Coa. The victory conditions for the allies are either to exit six unit across the bridge and off board, take six banners in combat or any combination of the two. The allies won Coa but it was a near run thing with the British winning 6 banners to 5.

The Allies began the game pulling back their right flank and giving up the earthworks protecting the bridge as the Portuguese made a beeline towards the bridge. Before the French could maneuver into position, both Portuguese infantry had exited the board. The French brought up their cavalry on the flanks and attacked aggressively on the right while maneuvering for position on the left. The British exited one British command with leader. Two more banners to the British.

With the British right now precariously exposed, the French launched cavalry charges into the crumbling position forcing two British infantry units into square. British light cavalry countercharged and stopped one French cavalry unit while the second French cavalry tore into a weakened, square. The square was destroyed and the French cavalry hit the weakened British light horse. This unit, too, was destroyed. The second British square was destroyed by French infantry.

In the end game, French forces cut the British off from the bridge and their escape route and were advancing on Almeida. The British remaining on the Almeida heights would have to cut their way through the French in order to open passage to the bridge. With banners 5:5, the British were able to destroy remants of a French cavalry unit to win the game. Very close game and a scenario I'd enjoy seeing again.

10mm ACW Project:

Rebasing of the artillery begins and I painted two stands of infantry (20 figures) following my proposed basing in the 27 JAN posting. At present, I still lean towards the aesthetic appearance of my current 23 figure infantry stand over the 10 figure, "half" stands. Jury is still out on rebasing to RFF equivalents.

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