Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Recap for 2010

2010 drew to a close but wargaming activities persist. First up, Paul and I put in a third session of Second Manassas battle after Christmas. This session covered the action from about noon on the 29th to about 4pm. With reinforcements streaming onto the battlefield throughout the morning, this battle quickly becomes a meat grinding affair. Holes open up and are quickly slammed shut by reserves. Kearney's Division has turned Jackson's left flank and is making very slow progress along the spline of Stony Ridge. Jackson's Wing still holds the unfinished railroad cut from the Groveton Woods to the west. Hill counterattacked out of the railroad cut and hit the Federals driving them back to Dogan's Ridge.

 Unfortunately, this attack quickly became over-extended and was viciously counterattacked. Near Groveton Woods, Starke attacks Hooker's Division and having suffered heavily, Hooker fails a panic check. On the Federal left, defensive positions are hastily prepared as Longstreet's Wing reaches the battlefield and deploys. Losses to this point reach about 15,000 for the Federals and about 13,500 for the Confederates. With Paul returning to the road for a lengthy stretch in the new year, I'll likely pack up the game to make room for something new on the tabletop.

Second, I reconnected with (who was once) my long-lost gaming buddy Jake. Jake is in fine shape having complete two tours in Iraq. We enjoyed a good chat and a brief show and tell on Christmas Eve before rushing off to meet his family for church service. Very good to see him again and hopefully we'll meet across the gaming table in 2011.

Third, painting totals for December were respectable and I'm very pleased to have added Newcastle's Regiment of Foote to the ECW collection. Only three Renegade foot regiments remain unpainted. I lost the painting mo-jo for a bit in December due to holidays, final exams, work, etc. and didn't get much accomplished over the holiday break. Still, pleased to be fleshing out the SYW Austrian higher command and bringing Kolowrat up to six squadrons. Up next is more high command for the Prussians.

For 2010, I managed to paint nearly 1,400 figures and 18 pieces of equipment. Most of the equipment consisted of limbers or supply wagons. A respectable annual total and much above my goal of 900 figures. 2010 saw the completion of the FIW project having painted all remaining figures. Well, I still have a few odds and ends but not enough to field one unit. I also purged the 20mm Vietnam collection in 2010 and may be wrangling a swap of my 15mm Medievals.

Annual Painting Tally for 2010
Era Scale Type Figure Cnt Equip Cnt
American Civil War 10mm Artillery 48 6
American Civil War 10mm Cavalry 30
American Civil War 10mm Infantry 46
American Civil War 15mm Infantry 28
American War of Independence 15mm Artillery 12 6
American War of Independence 15mm Infantry 53
American War of Independence 28mm Infantry 25
Bonaparte in Italy and Switzerland 18mm Infantry 208
English Civil War 30mm Cavalry 9
English Civil War 30mm Infantry 54
French & Indian War 25mm Infantry 49
Italian War of Independence 15mm Cavalry 12
Italian War of Independence 15mm Infantry 280
Napoleonic Wars 15mm Cavalry 16
Napoleonic Wars 15mm Infantry 72
Napoleonic Wars 28mm Artillery 24 6
Napoleonic Wars 28mm Cavalry 16
Napoleonic Wars 28mm Command 3
Napoleonic Wars 28mm Infantry 44
Punic Wars 6mm Infantry 72
Seven Years War 18mm Cavalry 114
Seven Years War 18mm Command 26
Seven Years War 18mm Infantry 154
Totals 1395 18

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