Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Projects Update

28mm American War of Independence Project:
The Perry British regiment is finished and will be fielded as the 10th Regiment of Foot. A picture of the 10th Foot is posted under the Saratoga Projects folder.

28mm Napoleonics:
I added four Austrian figures to an existing Old Glory line battalion to bring IR#22's strength up to 20. I had these extra four figures laying around and decided to paint them to reduce a few figures from my odds and ends pile. Also completed is a French Legere battalion of 20 figures. The Front Rank figures are large, very nicely detailed, and a pleasure to paint. Staying on the 28mm Napoleonics front, three Sash and Saber guns, ten artillery crew and two Sash and Saber French limbers and teams are on the painting table for August. In an attempt to get this project in a state to game a small scenario without sending a call for Scott's figures, I have two Front Rank voltigeur skirmishes on the painting table. These skirmishers will join their parent 70th Line, battalion 1. To add cavalry to the French contingent, I plan to paint eight beautiful Front Rank hussars. These hussars will be mustered as the 2nd Hussars.

All skirmish markers are being rebased from 1.5" squares to 40mm rounds. Currently, I have 30 single figure skirmishers to rebase. Staying on the rebasing theme, all guns are being remounted from anemic 1.5"x3" bases to 60mm squares. I never cared much for the GdB artillery basing and am much happier with the larger bases. The limbers and four horse teams are mounted on 60mm x 120mm bases. Hopefully, Front

Rank limbers and teams will fit within this same footprint.

Finally, I placed a sample order for a battalion of French line from Elite Miniatures. The figures haven't arrived and I'm anxiously awaiting the package from the U.K.

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