Saturday, July 3, 2010

YTD Painting Totals

Priming. With the announcement from Sash & Saber of a limited 40% discount offer, I pulled two French guns and crews, and two limbers with teams from the inventory pile for priming. My goal is to paint these to see how they look painted before ordering another set of limbers and artillery crew. The foot figures paint up quite nicely but are a little smaller than the First Corps figures that I have for the British and French (skirmishers and Legere). On the tabletop, the difference to my eyes is not too great and on sale, the S&S figures are about half the cost of the FR. Too bad S&S doesn't expand this range.

Also hitting the priming table were:
  • 24 15mm Eureka SYW Austrians cuirassierss
  • 20 28mm Front Rank French Leger
  • 27 30mm Renegade ECW foot
  • 16 28mm Perry AWI British

18mm SYW Project:

IR#45, Heinrich Daun, is complete.

Battle of Second Manassas Scenario.
Minor adjustments to the OB are occurring as I re-read sections of Henessey's book. Jackson is getting a downgrade to a '2' and King is being downgraded to a '0'. On the painting table are 12 Federal cavalry that will represent Buford and Bayard. Hopefully, these two units will be completed this weekend and I'll be ready to begin 2BR. The tentative plan is to meet on 10 JUL to begin the battle.
Painting for June was again a bit on the light side but a glance at the half-yearly totals show that I'm ahead of my 2010 goal of 900 figures.

Annual Painting Tally for 2010 through June


Era Scale Type Figures

American Civil War 10mm Artillery 48 6

American Civil War 10mm Cavalry 18

American Civil War 15mm Infantry 28

American War of Independence 15mm Artillery 12 6

American War of Independence 15mm Infantry 15

American War of Independence 28mm Infantry 8

English Civil War 30mm Infantry 27

French & Indian War 25mm Infantry 49

Italian War of Independence 15mm Infantry 204

Napoleonic Wars 15mm Infantry 72

Napoleonic Wars 18mm Infantry 91

Napoleonic Wars 28mm Command 3

Seven Years War 18mm Cavalry 24

Seven Years War 18mm Command 16

Yearly Total:                                                                                                                          615                         12

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