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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Montcalm & Wolfe: Braddock Reaches Lake Erie

The French fort on the banks of Lake Erie falls to a coordinated attack of British and Native allies.  Losses were high for the French losing two regiments in the battle.  The French commander of the garrison, Contrecoeur, is allowed to march from the fort having surrendered.  For details of the battle, see Peter's BatRep at Battle of Fort Presque Isle.

This is a tough loss for the French and their war effort as their hold on the Great Lakes is greatly hampered.  While still holding onto forts Niagara and Oswego, British forces are tightening the noose with Braddock advancing from the west while Loudoun can threaten from the east.  The loss of the fort advances the Political Track one place to the right and back to '0'.  Recall that only a short time ago, the Political Track was pegged at '5' in French favor.  For the French, the Year 1757 cannot come to a close quick enough.

September 1757 Continued
French roll on the Command Table and receive two activations.  Contrecoeur and remnants from the Presque Isle garrison make a path back to the relative safety of Fort Niagara while Rigaud, one regiment of irregulars, and a militia regiment travel to Montreal.  All Native warbands disband as winter approaches.
September 1757 maneuvers
Winter 1 1757
To avoid taxing limited resources, one regiment of British Regulars marches from Fort Carillon to Fort William-Henry.  For attrition, one militia of British militia disbands.

Winter 2 1757
Johnson moves to take up command of Fort Edwards but is yet to reach the comfort of the fort.  Winter attrition is harsh.  The British lose two regiments of militia (Fort Edwards and Albany) while the French militia in Montreal disbands.  

1757 Strategic Phase
In the year-ending Strategic Phase, the British receive four milita regiments with Wolfe and Amherst sailing to take up commands in the colonies.  Amherst and two militia travel to Fort Stanwix.  Wolfe and two militia arrive in New York City.

For the French only one militia is recruited and Montcalm arrive.  Both take up residence in Quebec.

May 1758
The British begin the 1758 campaigning season by rolling on the Command Table.  The British receive three activations.  One regiment of Regulars marches off into the wilderness from Fort Carillon.  Loudoun sets off from Fort Stanwix to rendezvous with the Regulars marching north.  Finally, Amherst with one regiment of Regulars and two regiments of militia march to attack Fort Oswego.  Fort Oswego once again finds itself under the gun.  If Fort Oswego falls, Fort Niagara will become even more isolated.
British maneuvers May 1758
Battle of Fort Oswego
British: Amherst (A3D1), 1 x 5-6 Regular, 2 x 3-5 Militia
French: Drucour (A0D1), 1 x 5-6 Regular


  1. Would it be tempting fate to say that the British have the groundwork behind them to move into the ascendancy this year?

    1. Not tempting fate, I think. The British have transports delivering more troops later in May. We may witness an even larger swing in fortune.

  2. This is a great campaign- I really enjoy following your blog/reports.

  3. I am impressed that the French were able to come so close to a win earlier in this campaign. They will have a very hard time from here on, I imagine!

    1. The French made a very good showing early on which they must do to have a chance at winning the war. They cannot win a war of attrition. It will be very difficult from here on.

  4. It looks like you are nearing a culminating point. DO the French have enough left to pull through ?

    1. The French may soon be on the ropes. When you see the British reinforcements for May, the situation will look gloom.

  5. Next part of fun!
    best regards and have a nice day Jonathan!

  6. Surely the French have blown their best chance?
    Best Iain

  7. Well it is beginning to look as though Canada will be doomed to eating roast beef and Yorkshire puddings rather than fois gras and roast duck.


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