Friday, April 27, 2018

Montcalm & Wolfe: Capture of Fort Oswego

French assault Fort Oswego
Peter fought out the French assault against Fort Oswego (See: French Campaign Game #10).  The French under the command of Drucour took the fort but at a high cost.  One unit of French Regulars was lost in the battle against the destruction of the fort's militia.  At least this important outpost on the shores of Lake Ontario is back under French control.  If an objective is successfully taken, casualties suffered are quickly forgotten.

Loudoun, in the wilderness with his defeated Regulars, was forced to forage having been repulsed from Fort Stanwix.  In the mid-summer heat, two of his three regiments wilted and succumbed to deprivations.  Loudoun learns a painful lesson about warfare in the wilderness.  Failure to capture a supply base can be as costly as taking one.
August 1757
Needing to accomplish more than one task, the British opt to roll on the Command Table hoping for the best possible outcome.  The chance at the Command Table yields three Command Points.  With three CPs, Loudoun and his regiment of Regulars slip into the now lightly garrisoned Fort Stanwix and a regiment of Regulars beats the Illini to Fort Duquesne.  The Cayuga make their way towards Fort Presque Isle.  The Oneida ally with the British.
British maneuvers AUG 1757
In response to British maneuvers, the French also opt for a roll on the Command Table.  The French receive two Command Points.  With two activations, Contrecoeur marches with one regiment of Coeur d bois to Fort Presque Isle while Bougainville travels to Fort Niagara to take over command of the fort.
Bougainville and Contrecoeur swap places
September 1757
With winter approaching, the British launch one more offensive.  Although recently reinforced by Contrecoeur, Fort Presque Isle is the target of British aggression.  Braddock and two regiments of Regulars march out from Fort le Boeuf and attack the fort from the south while the native warbands of Cayuga and Oneida attack from the east.  
Attack on Fort Presque Isle
Battle of Fort Presque Isle
British: Braddock (A0D1), 2 x 5-6 Regulars, 2 x 3-8 Native Warbands
French: Contrecoeur (A2D2), 2 x 5-6 Regulars, 1 x 4-7 Irregulars

Can Braddock succeed in capturing the fort or will Contrecoeur successfully repulse the British attack?  Only Peter can provide that answer!


  1. Oooh, I can see the British going into winter with their tail between their legs! but then I have been wrong before :-)

    1. The British had a good 1757 having captured Fort le Boeuf and Fort William-Henry following that major battle. Braddock is hoping to end the year on a high note!

      The Battle of Presque Isle is a tough one for which to predict the outcome. Leadership ought to tip in favor of the French with numbers being about equal. How much are two native warbands worth? We will find out.

  2. Very nice, Jonathan. I thought the first image (with the fort) was CGI! :) It blends in well with the following images.

    1. Thanks, Dean. If you are interested, be sure to follow up at Peter's blog for battle details.

  3. Interesting developments. Can the lull in fighting over Fort William Henry mean the war is winding down?

    1. An attack on William-Henry is much more difficult now. Neither Fort Carillon nor Isle aux Noix can be attacked by the other in a single turn. That means to launch an attack requires spending one turn in the wilderness foraging. The fighting may definitely be at a lull in the Lake Champlain drainage.

  4. I'd bet on the defenders, but in campaign terms, the British advantage in numbers grows every year, right?

    1. The attackers carried the day. Yes, the advantage in numbers is swinging toward the British in a big way.


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