Friday, February 24, 2017

Commendable Service from...

Yes, Campaign Games Miniatures (CGM) and owner Dermot provided a most satisfactory experience on a recent order.

I have always had exemplary service from CGM over the years.  That, based on a handful of orders over the years.  As a figure manufacturer, CGM's 15mm Napoleonic figures are first rate and rank only slightly below AB.  Some figures I rate over AB.  CGM Napoleonic cavalry are especially well done.  Shipping from Barcelona, Spain to Spokane, WA has always been incredibly fast.  On one order, Dermot tried to connect me to an order while I traveled across his great Spanish countryside.  He gets high marks for effort on that one!

CGM's Shopping Cart user interface is the best I have encountered.  Adding and deleting from the Shopping Cart is a snap.  No 40% of order value for shipping to USA either.  Rather, CGM's shopping cart calculates shipping charges on the fly so a buyer always knows the shipping cost upfront.  Now, I encountered a few glitches with the shipping costs but that was due to the webmaster entering in incorrect weights for some of the Battalion Packs I was planning to order.  A couple of quick email exchanges with Dermot and the issue was resolved with shipping cost computed appropriately.

What this interface means for the buyer is that orders can be optimized to minimize shipping cost.  Three examples follow:   
Two Battalion packs of infantry carry a 4.00 euro shipping cost to USA
and 12 Battalion packs of infantry carry a 10.60 euro shipping cost to USA

While 13 Battalion packs of infantry carry a 21.50 euro shipping cost to USA.
Shipping threshold identified with 12 battalion packs!
Given this little exercise, I optimized my order to maximize figure count and not exceed the 10.60 euro shipping cost.  Well, not exactly maximizing figure count since I added a battalion pack of cavalry into the order.

My order for 15mm Napoleonics came to 120 foot and 8 horse for 63.27 euro.  Breaking these down on a per unit basis, these figures cost 0.45 euro per foot and 1.11 euro per horse including postage to USA.  That is a bargain!

In addition to his own CGM figures, Dermot also stocks Mirliton Miniatures from Italy.  Mirliton manufactures my favorite cavalry for my 15mm 1859 project and ordering through CGM is much less expensive than going direct to Italy.

As for shipping speed, I placed my order on 13FEB2017 and the package from Dermot arrived in my mailbox on 22FEB2017!  From ordering to receipt from Spain to Washington State in eight days!

Great product, user-friendly shopping interface, reasonable shipping rates, and fast service; four good reasons to give CGM a look.  Well done Dermot!


  1. Thanks for your comments here Jonathan. I am always kenn to hear of companies with good service

  2. Good stuff. Always glad to see credit where credit is due.

    1. Indeed! Top flight vendors ought to be cheered for their efforts.

  3. A firm I was unaware of. A perusal of their site shows only Peryy plastics in 28mm, so nothing of particular use to me. However, I am also glad to hear of companies with good service. My only previous experience with ordering miniatures from Spain resulted in almost a year to get the order completed, very high shipping costs, and very long delivery times, although the firm itself was responsive to emails.

    1. After rechecking, I see that CGM carries much of the 15mm Mirliton line but none of the 25mm historicals. Mirliton has some terrific ancients and Renaissance figures in 28mm. I wonder if an email to Dermot could get these figures in stock? I do not see why not.

      As for service and responsiveness to questions, Dermot is a first-rate bloke!


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