Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2016 Painting Log In Review

While a handful of units still need their shot at a photo session, The Painting Log for 2016 received its last entries on 29DEC2016 before I departed for Mexico.  In summary, 
  • Total Number of figures painted: 1,105 figures and 25 pieces of equipment
  • Total Number of Adjusted Painting Points: 4,317
Given my Top 5 goals put forward at the beginning of the year,
  • Reduce The Lead Pile for Second Italian War of Independence (1859) project in 15mm
  • Reduce The Lead Pile for 1799 Suvorov in Italy and Switzerland project in 18mm
  • Add to Great Italian Wars project in 28mm
  • More gaming including first game using the 1799 collection
  • Reduce The Lead Pile for 18mm SYW and 15mm Samurai Battles projects (100 figures each)
How did I do working towards these goals in 2016?
  1. Reduce The Lead Pile for Second Italian War of Independence (1859) project in 15mm - 373 figures.
  2. Reduce The Lead Pile for 1799 Suvorov in Italy and Switzerland project in 18mm - 376 figures.
  3. Add to Great Italian Wars project in 28mm - 108 figures
  4. More gaming including first game using the 1799 collection - No increase in gaming seen in 2016 and no 1799 game.
  5. Reduce The Lead Pile for 18mm SYW and 15mm Samurai Battles projects (100 figures each) - Not much work here.  No SYW figures crossed the painting desk and only one unit of Japanese mustered off the painting desk.
Even though I noticed Goals 4 and 5 were slipping away at mid-year, no corrective action occurred.  Plenty of time to adjust the course but I failed to make changes.  I suppose other tasks took higher priority.  One example is work on the 19th Century Great Game project where 101 figures crossed over to the painted side of the tally slate.

Having made good progress on fielding figures for both the 1859 (373 figures) and 1799 (376 figures) projects, The Lead Pile did not experience much reduction since I restocked both projects throughout 2016.  Tough to reduce The Lead Pile when it keeps getting replenished!

Enough of that.  Time to move on to the graphs.  As with past years' analytics, painting totals are presented in unadjusted (raw) figure counts as well as adjusted figure counts.  Adjusted counts consider figure size as a component while unadjusted simply tallies the number of figures processed.  Adjustments are made based on Analog Hobbies' Painting Challenge points system.

On an unadjusted basis of painted figures by era (Figure 1), the major efforts were in the 1859 and 1799 projects garnering about 33% of total production each.  Next, The Great Italian Wars project and Great Game project come in with about 9% each.  Work on The Great Game project was motivated by expectations to put the Russians and Sikhs onto the field of battle in their first taste of combat.  Alas, we never could get schedules coordinated to put on such a game.  Perhaps in 2017?
Figure 1
On an adjusted figure count basis (Figure 2), the percentages by project transform as the weighting of the 25/28mm projects (Italian Wars, Great Game) dampen the effects of the 18mm projects (1859, 1799).  As in many classifications, size does matter.
Figure 2
Turning to disaggregating counts by scale (Figure 3), 15/18mm production dominates the output by more than two-to-one over 25/28mm painting. 
Figure 3
On an adjusted basis, the 25/28mm classification not only closes the gap with 15/18mm production but actually dominated it with a 55% to 45% margin.   
Figure 4
On an unadjusted basis, painting trends show consistency in 2014, 2015, and 2016 with each producing about 1,100 figures (Figure 5). My painting goals for the last three years have targeted about 1,000 figures annually.  I can hit some goals!  The 2016 stacked bar confirms that my focus on the 1799 and 1859 projects paid dividends.  Now to get these projects onto the gaming table.
Figure 5
Converting these counts to an adjusted basis by Year and Scale (Figure 6) shows that painting output in 2016 reached the fourth highest output since painting statistics have been tracked.  2015 was the third highest.  Again, I am showing some consistency.
Figure 6
Project diversity continued in 2016 as seen from the variety of differently colored bars in Figure 7.  Even given the 2016 focus, many projects crossed the painting desk.  For me, project diversity is key to preventing burn-out or loss of painting mojo. 
Figure 7
On an adjusted basis, Figure 8 reconfirms that 2016 was a good year at the painting desk registering my fourth highest annual points' total to date.  
Figure 8
While neither the 1799 nor 1859 projects saw action on the gaming table in 2016 as planned, games in these two periods are very close to seeing fruition.  The 1800 and 1859 battles of Montebello are almost ready for playtesting.  The map for Montebello has been transferred onto the gaming table and OB and scenario details for the 1859 action are in the final stages.  Playtesting should begin by the end of January.

What lays ahead for 2017?  Well, in general, more gaming would be most welcome and a new project (Neo-Assyrians) will likely take center stage.  Those thoughts are for another post.  Until next time. 


  1. Very impressive number of figures painted. I struggled to make it into double figures painting figures for myself.

    1. Matt, my output is based on painting a little bit consistently. After awhile, painted figures pile up everywhere.

  2. That is a fine year's work, Jonathan. i look forward to seeing your projects develop during the year.

    1. Thank you, Mark! My output pales in comparison to the unbelievable numbers you post. Few can match your productivity at the workbench.

  3. Great figure total and as always fulled by a most excellent display of your graph work!


    1. Much appreciated, Christopher! Once I had a private comment stating that I go a bit over the top with the graphics and that I might need professional help. That fellow may be right...

  4. A formidable output, Jonathan! Scarcely believable :) Well done once again!

    1. Aaron! You must believe the numbers since photos are posted on each unit. They do add up quickly, don't they? You should see my game room. You cannot turn around without kicking a box of figures.

      Always enjoy your support!

  5. There is a lot to look forward to from your blog in 2017. I thought you were pretty prolific in 2016 in terms of painted output and of course your very generous support of other peoples blogs.

    1. Norm, my planning for 2017 remains in the formative stage. Focus may shift from sheer numbers of painted figures as primary goal to more gaming. I have many collections that rarely see the gaming table and many rules that, likewise, lay dormant. With most of my collections of gameable size, I ought to do just that; game!

      Your frequent BatReps and rules' walkthroughs leave me wanting to get my own troops out onto the table more often even if only for a small solo game.

      Your input and support is much appreciated!

  6. As always, I enjoy seeing your stats and graphic presentations, which bring home both how much you paint and the breadth of the scales and eras you collect. Let's see if you can use them more this year!

    1. Peter, your continued encouragements are greatly valued. I should plan for more time at the gaming table in 2017. Since this is a zero sum game, more gaming necessitates less painting. I do enjoy cranking out the figures, though.

  7. Knowing a little more about what you do for a living, Jon, this post and methodology for tracking your prodigious output makes so much sense. My 2016 post, if such a thing were to exist, would say, "So, I painted some figures, eh?". Looking forward to seeing your work in this year, may it bring prosperity to you and your brushes.

    1. Same might think this a bit OCD but I saw you cannot manage what you don't measure. Besides, it lets me set and track goals easily.

      Your method of "I painted some figures" has its merits too. Measuring takes time and effort. Time that might be better spent playing with one's toys.

      Appreciate your well-wishes, Michael. Best wishes to you!

  8. A great years production, and amazing variety, cheers! :)

    1. Much variety, no doubt, but not at the level of production that passes across your painting desk. You are a machine with the Napoleonics!

  9. Impressive figures and impressive graphics!
    Best Iain

  10. There are the graphs I was waiting for! Your annual reports have become one of the highlights of the new year for me. Excellent productivity for the year!

    1. Sorry to keep you waiting! My productivity in 2016 was not as great as yours, my friend. Glad you enjoy the graphs and I enjoy seeing that it is rubbing off!


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