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Battle of Raab 12:00-12:30

Grouchy's heavy cavalry reaches the Upper Bridge
The battle last left off (Raab 1130-1200) with the Archduke's forces pushing Eugene's army back to the west bank of the Pancza Brook all along the battle front.  Having attempted attacks on the right with the cavalry and the center with infantry, Eugene is probing the Austrian defenses like a prize-fighter feeling out his opponent.  Although weakened, the Austrian defense, thus far, has been resolute.

After two full hours of combat, the battle lines remain primarily drawn up where they began.  Johan has released a portion of his Reserve to counter French attacks against the church.  Eugene still has Severoli in reserve and reinforcements should be arriving onto the battlefield in the next hour. 

Seeing Grouchy's heavy cavalry brigade begin its redeployment towards the Upper Bridge brings great relief to both Montbrun and Colbert.
Troop dispositions noon
Colbert, having panicked and withdrawing to the west bank of the brook, attempts to sort out his command on the relatively safe side of the Pancza.  Any offensive action from Colbert must wait until new orders have been sent from Eugene.  Until then, Colbert will defend the west bank of the brook.  Still reeling from his hurried retrograde, only the 2/20 CaC rallies back into good order.
Cavalry positions near Upper Bridge
In the center, Seras and Durutte have good success in rallying their commands and push them back into the fight.  Not finding a suitable place to cross the Pancza for his cavalry, Seras, detaches his cavalry and sends them towards the Upper Bridge in search of a place to cross.  Seras goes in a second time against the church while Durutte sends in two assaults against the Kis-Megyer Farm.
French assault Kis-Megyer
Lending support to Seras' attack against the church, Seras' divisional guns target the 9th Jagers.  Already at half strength and over-extended, the jagers are destroyed during the bombardment.  On the French left, Severoli's guns cause casualties to the Salzberg landwehr positioned along the Pancza.

Content to only observe, cavalry at the Upper Bridge keep a watchful eye on each other.
Cavalry stand off on the Austrian left
Back in the center, the French assault is launched.  Having been repulsed in the first assault against the church, 1/53 Line with 2/53 Line in support scampers up the hill to attack the Insurrectio troops.  To improve his chance to carry the position, Seras leads the attack over the church walls. 
Seras attacks the church
Not able to withstand a second assault, the militia rout out from the church and run to the east.  About half of the militia either lay down their arms in the church yard or are trapped in the church, itself.  Seras carries the position. 
Seras takes the church
To Seras' left, the 1/102 Line supported by the 2/102 Line hit the already disordered Vienna Landwehr defending the walls in the lower Kis-Megyer farm.
102 Line attacks Vienna Landwehr
Although the landwehr are still offered some protection by the lower Kis-Megyer walls, the French carry the position while the landwehr fall back to the Szabadhegy Heights, shaken.  A number of landwehr surrender when boxed in within the farm walls.
Landwehr fall back from Kis-Megyer
Finally, in the assault against the nearly impregnable Kis-Megyer Farm, Durutte leads the 22nd Legere and the 23 Line up the slopes.
French legere storm Kis-Megyer...
In a protracted firefight, Marziani and IR 1/62 prevail and repulse the French.  The legere tumble back down the hill in disorder.
and are repulsed.
Having turned back the French from Kis-Megyer, IR 1/62 returns to good order as does the Salzburg Landwehr.  On the Austrian left, Mescery's cavalry wing rallies the 2/Heves Insurrectio, 2/Bacser Insurrectio while the Odenberg and 1/Pesther Insurrectio improve to disorder.  Still not a solid formation but morale is improving albeit slowly.
Mescery's cavalry wing defending the Upper Bridge
Another view:
Mescery's cavalry wing defending the Upper Bridge
Seeing the Vienna landwehr thrown out of the lower Kis-Megyer Farm from his vantage point on the Szabadhegy Heights, Frimont orders Gajoli to counterattack the lower farm.  Gajoli, finding it difficult to get his command organized for the attack, delays.  The 3rd Grenz from Gajoli's command is the only one of three formations to step off and advance down the heights into the valley east of the farm while the Austrian 12lb batteries target the 102 catching their breath in the lower Kis-Megyer complex.

Kienmeyer does not hesitate to respond.  The grenadiers launch an attack against Seras at the church while IR 19 advances to fill the gap left by the destruction of the jagers between the farm and church.
Austrian grenadiers counterattack the church
In close hand-to-hand fighting at the church, the grenadiers are repulsed and withdraw in disorder.  On the northern slopes of the farm, IR 2/27 with IR 61 in support charge down from the high ground in attempt to disrupt Durutte's attack.  In a lengthy firefight, the Austrians prevail in pushing the already disordered French 1/62 Line back across the brook.  The repulse demoralizes the 62nd as it streams back across the Pancza.
Grenadiers repulsed!
Seras holds the church
View of heights looking from behind Severoli's command
At the bottom of the noon time hour, French cavalry on the right wing are once again positioned to push a bridgehead across the Pancza with Grouchy's fresh command.  Battered from previous engagements, will Mescery's command be able to push the French once more back into the brook?
1230 Dispositions
In the center, Eugene is making inroads against the Austrian defenses.  Both the church and the lower Kis-Megyer farm have fallen to the French.  At present, both positions look tenuous and Andrasy's cavalry is preventing Seras from breaking out from the bridgehead.  Seras' best regiment, the 1st Legere, is tied down by the Austrian cavalry.  With the Austrian Reserve guns deployed on the heights and able to target the Kis-Megyer farm complex, holding onto their gains may prove difficult.  Also note that the 102 Line's position could be threatened by isolation.
1230 Dispositions in the center
Despite the heavy fighting, no commands succumb to panic. 

How would any armchair generals respond?


  1. My word you have been busy Jonathan! A really fine looking game!


    1. Thank you, Christopher!
      For me, a large game like this is easier to digest in smaller bites and I can provide more battle details.

  2. Some great pics, I think the French might have it?

  3. Lovely! Is it too late to form up a Grand Battery to counter the Austrian guns? ;-)

    I think the Austrians have it. Its a shame there aren't reserves handy to reinforce Sera's successful push.

    1. If the French had the guns for a grand battery that would be a good suggestion.

      Seras would indeed enjoy some reserves!

      One vote: AUSTRIA.

  4. Great game and lovely pictures. From past experience, the best way to take the Kismeyer farm is by isolating it with a victory over the Insurrectio cavalry on one side, and fording the stream below the farm on the other.

    1. Thanks, Peter!

      Eugene is working very hard to do just that. Mescery is not cooperating, however!

      We will see how Durutte survives his head-on assault against the Kis-Megyer complex.

  5. Poor Landwehr! Nice, very nice...

    1. "Poor landwehr" in every sense of the word!

      Thank you, Phil!

  6. Look, its over two hours of fighting and its nearly lunchtime. What say the farmer's wife rustles up some flap jacks and both generals decide it with a round of rock, paper, scissors while the lads watch on?

    Not sure what page of the rules that is on though.

    Otherwise the French will have it, 'cos the poor Austrians always seem to lose.

    1. Thanks, Matt! Lead soldiers leave no lead wives and orphans. Fight on!

      Two votes: FRANCE.


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