Monday, September 15, 2014

Two Year Anniversary Contest

Yes, the Year Two anniversary of my entry into the blogosphere approaches.  For me, the last two years have been quite rewarding.  Chronicling my hobby activities has provided an incentive and focus towards my hobby-time efforts.  Well, anyone who has read the eclectic nature of my various projects may be wondering, "Focus?  You must be kidding." OK.  Scratch "focus."  Replace with "dedication."

The most rewarding benefit is the number of friendships gained through these communications.  To borrow from 70's rocker Ted Nugent, we all need good friends (and a bottle of wine).
Ted Nugent's Good Friends and Bottle of Wine

Reading the lyrics below, these words might ring familiar to many wargamers.  We all know what others must endure within our hobby, right?  Going crazy, hazy vision?  Certainly, maladies for the painters and the button counters among us.  The last stanza contains the kernel of tabletop wargaming, don't you agree?  I do!

I think I know your condition
Yes I've been down that road before
Maybe it's just superstition
But there's one thing that I know for sure

They say that I'm going crazy
Well it's true, sometimes I want to scream
Maybe my vision gets hazy
But there's one thing I know that I need

It's true that life has it moments
Sometimes up and sometimes down
Identify your opponents
And gather all your good friends around

While I may not be able to produce something of such Nugentian clarity, perhaps at least one reader can take on this challenge?

Challenge?  What is the challenge?

With the last twelve months featuring numerous posts detailing the advancement of my Samurai Battles project, how about a Haiku contest?

The Prize:
A copy of Henry Hyde's excellent tome, Wargaming Compendium.  Henry's work is THE book I wish I had available to me as a reference when I first was drawn into wargaming.  Life would have been much simpler.

The Rules:
1. Theme 1: The meaning or essence of wargaming to you.
2. Theme 2: Why Wargaming Compendium should be yours!
3. Stick to the traditional three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables each.
4. Enter as many times as you like.
5. If your Haiku was inspired by one of the already posted Haikus, list your inspiration.
6. Being a public Follower may influence your entry's ranking.

Contest will close 30SEP2014 and there may be more than one prize awarded.

Yes, I still have my 1978 LP of Nugent's Weekend Warrior.


  1. I like this contest. I want to participate. So here is my entry:

    "Blissfully Blind
    I need help in this big book
    Eyes Opened this day"

    Wow that's terrible.

    1. That's the spirit, Chris! You may always put in another entry.

      Right now, you have a lock on the prize.

  2. Theme 1:

    Troops await battle,
    Dice roll in Fortune's balance,
    And comradeship wins!

    -- Jeff

  3. Another Theme 1:

    The terrain is set,
    Friendly enemies face off,
    Who wins means little.

    -- Jeff

    1. Another solid entry!

      Based on this and the entry above, I think I would enjoy gaming with you. You must be a Gentleman Gamer.

    2. Thank you, Jonathan, I would like to think so too.

      -- Jeff

  4. Theme 2:

    The page is open,
    Seeds of learning are planted,
    So knowledge blossoms.

    -- Jeff

  5. Congrats on Year 2, Jonathan! Here's to many more years of painting, gaming and blogging.

    The fact I have that fabulous book saves me from potentially ruining an art form.

    1. Thanks, Monty! Remember art is art. You would not be ruining it only applying your creativity to an existing art form.

      A winning entrant could choose the equivalent in an Gift Card in place of Hyde if desired or a rummage through The Lead Pile.

      Do either of these tempt you off the bench and into the contest?

    2. Hobbyists circle,
      Watching as the die is cast,
      Herodotus smiles.

      I think my brain has calcified. I should have gone with "Apple under Glass" for my art as art. ;-)

  6. Congratulations on the anniversary! Many more to come, I hope.

    The postage on the Compendium is going to break the bank!

    1. Thank you, Edwin!

      I may allow to subsidize part of the freight. The winner may also prefer the Kindle version too.

  7. Samurai stands charge
    Smartass plays interrupt card
    Jon's attack falters

    Congrats on two years. Perhaps we will even get a game in this year.

    I love this hobby for the research_ the painting and the fellowship. If I win the book, I live close enough to loan it to you....

  8. I don't do haiku, but "Nugentian clarity" you are a word-smith!
    At least you don't have an attack of 'Cat-scratch fever', or do you?
    Congrats, so what's the next project after this? Doing anything for Waterloo 2015??

    1. Hi David! I have so many projects and so little time it seems. Nothing planned for Waterloo 2015.

  9. War gaming bloggers
    Share praise, advice, achievements,
    And so become friends.

  10. Another Theme 2:

    Open hobby tome,
    Read of table top battles.
    History beckons.

    -- Jeff

  11. Illustrations tempt.
    In this book of distraction,
    I'll Hyde from painting.

    1. Michael, this one is so good! I was wondering if we might see some wordplay with "Hyde."

  12. Theme 1 (kinda reminds me of The Cat in the Hat, and Thing 1 and Thing 2!):

    Dice roll, tin men fight
    Spanning the sweep of all Time.
    Superb Obsession!

    (theme 1, obviously)

  13. Oh, my English!! Oh my god...
    So let's try Theme 1 :

    Kill the enemy you should be able,
    With Friends around the table....

    Sorry for that!

    1. LOL; I think we could handle Haiku in French - after all the original is done in Japanese!

    2. ありがとうございました!

  14. Oooh, I missed this one! Lucky I'm not too late!

    Theme 2:

    A compendium
    Is all I need to master
    An elusive art.

  15. Congratulations on the milestone! I missed the contest but I like it so much I will add my own rubbish haiku for posterity!

    Array of units,
    Flags waving, bayonets gleam,
    Mind whispers, paint more!

    1. Good one! From your haiku, I wager you enjoy painting and and fielding vast armies as much as I.

      Thanks for participating and for dropping by!


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