Tuesday, September 30, 2014

And the Winner is...

After receiving many excellent entries, selecting a winner was very difficult.  In fact, many of the haikus really hit the nail on the head delivering a solid punch.  Some contestants focused on the wargaming philosophy theme while others focused on the Compendium theme.  Some participated in both!  I thank everyone who submitted an entry.  All were enjoyable and many prompted thought and reflection.

Did I mention selecting a winning entry was difficult?  Really too many excellent choices from which to choose.  Selecting one haiku was very challenging!
After considerable cogitating, I select the following haiku by Gonsalvo as the winning entry:

Dice roll, tin men fight
Spanning the sweep of all Time.
Superb Obsession!

Wargaming is, indeed, a "Superb Obsession" as Peter points out and I am guilty as charged.

Peter, for having the winning haiku, you will receive one hardcopy edition of Henry Hyde's Wargaming Compendium.  Of course, if you prefer, the Kindle version could be yours instead.


Now, for a few runners-up prizes.

My pick for the "Why I want the Compendium" theme, goes to Johnny Rosbif with his elegantly concise,
A compendium
Is all I need to master
An elusive art.

If the only thing needed to master the art of wargaming is the Wargaming Compendium then your request is answered. A Kindle version of the Wargaming Compendium is yours.

For being the most persistent entrant with four haikus, Bluebear Jeff wins his choice of either,
Wargaming Compendium Kindle Edition 
The Campaign of Naseby 1645

And finally, the first reader to leave a comment requesting a Kindle Edition of Wargaming Compendium will receive one!

Thanks to all for participating in the contest and especially for reading and contributing to my chronicle.


  1. Jon, first of all I thank you for an interesting contest, and your generosity in providing so many prizes! I thought that there were many fine entries as well, and I'm humbled that you selected mine as one of the winners at all!

    It is a superb obsession, as anyone who has a wargames blog must surely agree. Fortunately, unlike some obsessions, it has only added to my life, and (almost) never detracted from it in any way!

    1. You are welcome!

      Many fine entries indeed but your haiku really grabbed me with "superb obsession."

  2. Congrats to the winners and well done, Jonathan!

    I'm thankful I won't have to haiku any time soon.

  3. First, my congratulations to Gonsalvo, his haiku was excellent indeed.

    And "thank you", Jonathan for my reward. IF I had a Kindle, I would like the Wargaming Compendium . . . but I do not have (nor intend to get) a Kindle.

    So I will select (and be delighted with) "The Campaign of Naseby, 1645" . . . especially since I am currently working on painting the cavalry for my English Civil War project.

    -- Jeff

    1. Thank you for participating, Jeff! I offered Naseby due to your ECW project and your recent interest in the Naseby offering on eBay.

  4. A worthy choice, Gonsalvo's entry was spot on. Good on you JF for running this competition, very clever. Almost as clever as my own blog competitions. ;)

    1. Michael, your haiku on wargame bloggers,

      "War gaming bloggers
      Share praise, advice, achievements,
      And so become friends."

      nailed it too!

      Have you thrown down the gauntlet for clever competition competitions?

  5. Huzzah! Thanks a lot, JF!.

    I must have some haiku-zen ability as I came to this comp very late in the day and dashed off my entry in less than no time, never expecting to win anything, but enjoying the challenge and everyone else's entries.

    How do I claim my prize? There's a Contact Me widget on my blog under my profile if you want to send me an email with the details.

    1. Congratulations! Email on the way via your "Contact Me" link.


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