Monday, September 23, 2013

28mm Reconquista - Perry Light Cavalry

A week without an update?  Well, I was out of town all of last week for work so no progress made on any of the projects.

After catching up with household duties over the weekend, I managed to find time to commune with the painting desk.  The results of the time spent are six Perry Miniatures' Bedouin light cavalry.  I ordered these Perry cavalry from their Crusades range as a test for compatibility.  To my eye, they will look fine on the gaming table along with the BTD figures.

On  the painting desk are two "T" units: one of bowmen and one of crossbowman.  After concentrating on the Reconquista Project for two months, I may move onto one of the neglected projects after these two missile units are finished.

What will be next? 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Ray!

      Congratulations on winning Rosemary brushes. Don't you feel a twinge of guilt?

  2. Great Bedouins, Jonathan! You've got a wonderful army under your belt. I bet your next thought is "when can I take it for a test drive?" I think you guys will love Impetus once you give it a spin.

    Next project...Romans? ;-)

    1. Thanks, Monty!

      Yeah, we're trying to coordinate our schedules now for our first Impetvs trial. With travel and personal commitments, gaming in September was a bust. Really looking forward to the first game.

      Maybe Romans, maybe the 1859 project, maybe a mish-mash of random stuff?

  3. Nice brushwork sir!

    (Benno's Figures Forum)


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