Monday, September 2, 2013

28mm Reconquista - One More Heavy Foot

One more heavy foot unit makes the transition from bare lead to ready-to-fight status.  With this unit completed, the project total reaches 20 stands.  Although still a little under strength on cavalry, 20 units should be enough for two, 10 stand Basic Impetvs forces for a small test game.  One 20 stand Regular Impetvs army can be fielded to face off against Jake's Christians.  A first game should not be far off.  

Banners have been created and added for all of the heavy foot. Pennants will be added to the horse lancers.  Also, all stands have received the Silflor tuft treatment. 


  1. Looking great, Jonathan! The drummer in the back and the standard are a great pair in this unit.

  2. It has been nice to see this army come together. Do you still have a few more units to paint, or are you calling it done?

  3. Good lord. How are you getting these finished so quickly?


    1. Perseverance and twelve figure units. It helps that I am really enjoying this project.

  4. Beautiful, love the banner and the shields!

  5. Another great looking unit. So when should we actually hurl these armies at one another?


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