Monday, August 26, 2013

28mm Reconquista - Skirmisher Infantry

Three skirmish stands of javelin-wielding foot expand the skirmish capability of the growing Moorish force.  These twelve figures comprised a gift of bare lead from Kevin at our recent Port Republic game.  All figures are Gripping Beast Moors.  The selection of figures from Kevin contained an assortment of shields, head dresses, and poses.  Very nice figures that fit in well with the BTD hordes and a welcome reinforcement.

The Silflor order from Scenic Express arrived and I am in the process of retrofitting all stands with tufts of autumn grass.  This is the first I have used this product and while a I would have preferred a little larger and more densely constructed tufts, I like the results.

On the workbench, now, is one nine-figure stand of missile ('T') archers.


  1. Looking very good, Jon.

    Are you applying a glue wash to your bases?

    1. Thanks, Scott. No glue wash this time. I find that the clear topcoat tends to stick the ground cover to the base successfully. If the tufts start to pull up, maybe I can go back and treat with a glue wash?

  2. Very nice, great shields and colors!


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