Saturday, May 18, 2013

15mm Risorgimento 1859 Project

Progress continues on the 1859 project.  First up, are two Sardinian infantry battalions from the 11th Line Regiment.  Figures are Old Glory.

Speaking of Old Glory, my latest order for Old Glory figures arrived from 19th Century Miniatures in record time.  Time from order placement to arrival was seven days.  Much better turn-around than I have experienced.

Next up is one Sardinian limber and team from Mirliton.  I ordered this as a sample and am happy with the quality of the model.

Finally leaving the painting table are Austrian command figures.  Once I began the San Martino replay, I quickly discovered that I lacked sufficient command for the Austrians.  With these reinforcements, I can field two division commanders of two figures each and four brigade commanders of a single figure.  That should do for now.


  1. Great work, Jonathan! Does the limber represent the battery until it's set up? It is cool looking.

    I remember you're using an OOB for painting. How far along are you towards your goal?

    1. Hi Monty,
      The limber represents the footprint of the artillery train during limbered movement. While limbered, the gun stand will be placed behind the limber base.

      As for OOB progress, the 29 infantry battalions for Benedek's Corps are complete. Two Sardinian divisions are complete out of five total. That's enough Sardinians to fight the attack on the San Martino heights but not sufficient to model the action to the west of San Martino.

  2. I really appreciate your work on the colors, units are looking very very nice! Fantastic looking command stands as well!

  3. Well done!!! This is a conflict that deserves the attention you are giving it!

    1. Thanks, Greg! It is an interesting period with much to offer the gamer.

  4. Replies
    1. Hello CSG!

      Thus far, I have only used my own rules but have thoughts of giving Neil Thomas' 10th C rules a try. Fields of Honor is a possibility too.


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