Sunday, February 24, 2013

28mm AWI Project: Natives and British 23rd

For Sunday's Freeman Farm scenario, the group needed one unit of native skirmishers.  I considered pulling six natives from my FIW collection and rebasing them to conform to British Grenadier in order to meet the Sunday time constraint.  I had only three surplus natives in the FIW collection that were not already part of a formed war band (each war band consists of three, three figure stands).  Not wanting to break up an existing war band for this game, I turned to the unpainted lead pile.  In the AWI lead box were six unpainted Perry natives.  I pulled them from the box and finished the six figures in time for the game.  The Perry natives are really quite nice and a Minwax "Dip" brings out the detail in the figures.

Also force marching off the painting table this weekend was the British 23rd Regiment of Foot.  For the 23rd's flag, I selected Victrix's Napoleonic flag but painted out the "Egypt" battle honor and Sphinx emblem on both standards.  With those changes, the flag matches the AWI version. 
I bought a number of the Victrix Napoleonic flag set transfers and am quite pleased with the vivid colors and the ease at which they can be created.  The previously completed regiments of the 4th ,5th, and 59th carry these Victrix flags.  I tried selecting British Napoleonic regimental flags that had little or no difference from their earlier AWI standard.  One benefit of the Victrix flags is that each flag comes with its own metal finial and cords.


  1. Excellent work and a busy painting weekend for you! I especially love your Perry natives.

    Is the Minwax dip acrylic/water-based? If so, could you share the product name? I've rummaged around in a Big Box store and was overwhelmed by the varieties of varnish you might use to dip with.

    1. Hi Monty,
      Minwax is not acrylic or water based but is a stain that requires mineral spirits for clean-up. Minwax stain has several colors but the one I use is PolyShades Tudor Satin 360.

      I brush it on the figure and then allow to cure for about 24 hours. It dries with a sheen but after curing, I hit it with Dullcote.

    2. Thanks Jonathan for sharing.


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