Sunday, February 10, 2013

28mm AWI Project - More British Reinforcements

Four more British foot units roll off the painting table.  With these latest additions, eight British foot battalions ("regiments" in proper British terminology) can be deployed for battle.  All figures are Perry.  The new recruits are:

5th Regiment of Foot
59th Regiment of Foot
Combined Light Infantry Battalion  
Combined Grenadier Battalion
Each of the combined elite battalions utilized twelve refurbished figures.  Elites drawn from the newly raised 5th Line bring each battalion up to sixteen figures.  On the painting table is one more British line regiment of twenty figures to be raised as the 4th Line.

Since mid-January, painting time has been almost fully consumed by the 28mm AWI Project and seven new regiments have been fielded.  Enough figures are in transit to field four more British regiments.  Along with the figures on the painting table and one more unit primed in the holding box, my total British foot units will be fourteen.  Left to work are Austin's six guns and skirmishers.

After I finish work on the 4th Line, I may take a breather from the AWI project and switch attention towards another project that doesn't require painting red coats.   


  1. I don't know about moving on to other projects. You seem to have a talent for painting redcoats!

    1. Thanks, Scott! We should start considering a game to give these troops a taste of battle.

  2. Nice painting. Love the light bobs and the brown overalls. Crown Forces didn't look at all like the '68 Clothing warrant. Love it!

    1. Thank you! I like the look of the Perry figures too. Two regiments of Foundry AWI British arrived in today's post wearing the regulation uniforms so I'll be fielding at least two regiments in the '68 warrants. More Perry's in the lead pile to paint so you'll see more of both.


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