Saturday, October 3, 2015

More SAW US Marines

Following close in step behind the US Marines posted yesterday, a second battalion of US Marines departs from the painting desk.  As the marines posted yesterday, these figures are manufactured by Old Glory.  With these fifteen figures hitting the storage box, nine battalions of US infantry can be mustered for a game against six Spanish battalions.  At a 3:2 ratio, that might be getting close to the proper mix for decent game.

Time to shift gears to another project but what?   

Friday, October 2, 2015

SAW U.S. Marines

Storming ashore today is a fifteen figure battalion of U.S. Marines for the Spanish-American War project.
The Old Glory figures are animated in a variety of ways and make for a dynamic unit on the field.  In my opinion, Old Glory's SAW range is one of their finest efforts in 25mm.
Lacking thus far in the project are heavy support for the U.S forces to assist in assaulting Spanish strongholds.  It is probably time to add a heavy support weapon or two into the painting queue.  After that, perhaps time is near for a small scrap on Cuba?

First, though, a second battalion of U.S. Marines awaits in the wings.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Sikhs for The Great Game

Remaining on the NWF, a 24 figure battalion-sized equivalent assembles off the painting desk.  Figures are Wargames Foundry irregular Sikhs from the Sikh Wars range (SK125).  The plan with these natives is to press them into service with the their potential Russian master to counter British incursions on the NWF.

Of course, they could also be fielded for either the British or Sikh army.  The possibilities for their employment are many.

Without a bit of control, a few Sikh or native units could expand beyond planned boundaries to encompass a Sikh Wars or Indian Mutiny project.  Tread lightly.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cossack Artillery for The Great Game

Following closely on the heels of the Russian regulars are two Cossack guns (I suppose these would represent sections of two guns each) for service in the Russian Expeditionary Force.
Also of note; the Russian hussars, fielded earlier as single-based figures, are now mounted in pairs.  I recall Kevin's cavalry being larger than eight figures in strength so I need to add at least four more troopers to bring it up to twelve figures.
What is up next for the REF?  A battalion of natives, I think.  

Monday, September 21, 2015

GMT Games...Great Customer Service!

Yes, GMT Games provides great customer service.  On top of that efficient back office, the good folks at GMT take quality control to heart. 

When The Great Battles of Alexander Deluxe was printed, the die cut counters were not robust.  To compensate for the manufacturing lapse, GMT reprinted the counters and provided replacement counters for FREE.  Absolutely FREE including the shipping.
New countersheets
My copy of the game was not purchased from GMT but via a sale on eBay.  Would this offer apply to my purchase too?  I sent an email to GMT asking about the replacement counters.  The response was that my name would be placed on the list and I would be receiving the new counters.  No questions asked (well, besides my mailing address)!  A few weeks later a package containing the new counters arrived.  Beauties aren't they?

Kudos to GMT Games!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Russian Infantry for The Great Game

My plan to field the "occasional" Russian unit for the NWF, perhaps, requires an amendment.  After painting the first Russian battalion (see it here), I felt the urge to paint another.  I suppose, to paraphrase an old American potato chip commercial, "No one can paint just one!"

That is the situation in which I find myself.
Off the painting desk is a battalion of Russian infantry of 22 foot and one mounted officer.  Figures are from Wargames Foundry's excellent Crimean War range.
Getting back to the original goal of fielding a small force for use in some of Kevin's NWF games, my plan is to build a Russian expeditionary force for use during the period termed as "The Great Game" between Britain and Russia.  While several British and British-backed native battalions have crossed my painting desk, this Russian Expeditionary Force (REF) will comprise both Russian and native contingents.  Perhaps some Indian and Afghan irregular troops will show up to support the Russians?  Maybe Indian and Afghan regulars too?  Many possibilities to consider.    

Thursday, September 17, 2015

French 4th Hussars

In a change up from the trio of Renaissance units departing the painting table before, today an eight figure unit of French hussars musters off the painting desk.

These 28mm troopers are Front Rank and trot off as two squadrons of the 4th Hussar Regiment.  Red pelisse is an eye catcher.  

An interesting story in the painting of these hussars.  I grabbed eight troopers and eight horses from the box of French hussars, primed them and painted the horses.  In the next step each trooper was epoxied to his mount and set aside.  When I continued with painting each trooper, I noticed that one figure was not wearing a pelisse.  I figured it must be in campaign dress. Nope.  The trooper turned out to be a French chasseur lurking in the incorrect bin.  Since the figure was fastened securely to his already painted mount, the only remedy was to find the "Real" hussar in the bin and paint another horse and rider.  The bright side of this error and rework is that the next unit of chasseurs will have a one figure head start!   
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