Monday, December 29, 2014

Chadd's Ford: Maxwell's Destruction - BatRep

Action at Brinton's Ford
At last report (see here), Maxwell was tasked with delaying the advance of Kynphausen's columns upon the fords over Brandywine Creek.  Maxwell had succeeded in slowing the progress of the British right column but the left column was unhindered on its approach.

Maintaining the British initiative, Vaughn's command on the right is activated.  On the left of the road, the 28th Foot double times up the hill and looses two volleys into Stephen's L.I.
28th Foot on the attack 
Already shaken, the light infantry fails its Discipline Morale Test and withdraws, exhausted.

On the right of the road, the 23rd Foot advances to contest the high ground with Wayne's L.I.  A devastating volley erupts from the 23rd and the light infantry sustain four hits.  With two hits already, the shaken lights fail their Discipline check and withdraw becoming exhausted.  As Wayne's lights fallback, two more volleys go into the regiment.  No additional casualties are suffered.  
23rd Foot on the attack
With muskets empty, Vaughn issues a Forced Order to the 23rd to reload their weapons.  Failing the Disorder Morale Test, the 23rd halts in disorder with muskets unloaded.

Vaughn then dashes over to the 4th Foot, deployed astride the road, to rally them.  A successful rally removes the three casualties sustained.  Having one order remaining, the 4th fires into the wavering Chester County militia.  Despite a ragged volley, the militia take one more hit bringing it up to its casualty threshold.  With friendly units disintegrating on either flank, the militia fail their Discipline Check and fall back, becoming exhausted.
Maxwell's thin line
In an attempt to salvage the situation on the west bank of the Brandywine, Maxwell is activated.  Unfortunately for Maxwell, three of his four regiments are exhausted.  With that, his force is considered Broken and must take a Discipline Check before activation.  Broken units failing a Discipline Check will drop one Discipline Level.  For Exhausted units, a failure means destruction.

Stephen's light infantry and the Chester County militia fail their checks and scatter.  Greene's light infantry fails the check and drops to Exhausted.  With Maxwell attached, Wayne's LI passes its check.  Maxwell expends one CP to send a Forced Order for rallying the light infantry.  Maxwell's presence is needed and Wayne's LI rallies back up to Shaken.

On the British left, Grant activates and draws three CPs. Both the 5th and 10th Foot regiments advance to near the banks of the creek.  Protecting Brinton's Ford is the 4th Maryland.  The 5th pours two volleys into the Marylanders.  The first causes no casualties but the second causes two hits.  With muskets unloaded, Grant sends a Forced Order to the 5th to reload.  The 5th fails to comply and becomes disordered.

In an attempt to push the 4th Maryland back from the crossing point, Grant's artillery on the high ground fires into their ranks.  No discernible effect.  Grant sends a Forced Order out to the guns to reload and fire again.  Grant's admonition is heeded and the guns reload and fire a second time.  This time, the guns have the desired effect and the Marylanders withdraw from the ford, shaken.   
British drive on Brinton's Ford
Now, time for the Americans to hopefully return the favor.  Sullivan activates De Borre's command and the 4th Maryland advances back to cover the ford.  The Marylanders deliver two punishing volleys into the 5th.  Shaken, the 5th maintains its position.
5th taking casualties but holding ground
Moving up towards the ford, the German Battalion fires into the 5th along with added support from the American guns.  Suffering more punishing volleys, the 5th becomes exhausted and withdraws from the ford.
5th driven back from ford
Back on the British right, Kynphausen activate his advance guard.  Ferguson's Rifles advance and fire into the shaken American light infantry.  Wayne's LI suffers casualties including the loss of Maxwell!  With more fire pouring into the beleaguered light infantry, the Americans fall back, exhausted.
Ferguson's rifles fire into American light infantry
As Maxwell's force melts away, the remainder of the American formations close up to the banks of the Brandywine as reports that Stirling's German Brigade approaches.
Battlefield at conclusion of Turn 5
Having effectively destroyed the American advance guard under Maxwell, the approach to Chadd's Ford is now virtually unimpeded.

With the first attack at Brinton's Ford, the British were rebuffed.  Will a second attack meet the same fate?  Can Knyphausen push across the Brandywine in the face of strong opposition?


  1. Nice report; lots of ebb and flow. Seems like you're getting the swing of the rules now, Jon!

    1. Thanks, Peter. Ebb and flow will likely be present in this set of rules since each unit may have multiple actions each activation. Many units have three move orders and three combat orders each turn. A wise man will save one of each to interrupt his opponent's cycle...

  2. Really nice looking game a great report so far! It will be interesting to see where this goes.


    1. Thanks, Christopher! Wherever it goes, it must go quickly. I have to clear the table to prepare for another game.

  3. Very cool game Jonathan. Nice to see you taking the time to play it out during the holiday period.

  4. great photos! and games report
    thanks for sharing Jon!


    1. Glad you liked it! One more phase of the battle yet to complete and recount.

  5. I very much enjoyed this bat rep. A very pretty looking table and what looks like a very challenging tactical problem for the Americans.

    1. Michael! Glad you enjoyed it! I have one more installment awaiting a write-up.

      This scenario presents a tough tactical situation for the British too!

  6. Your style of gaming is looking unique to me. I love all those small red units all over the place. However I'm not the greatest fan of terrain in such hexagons.

    1. Andre', I enjoy many styles of gaming. Hex-based or gaming on a grid is just one such method. I am glad you like the presentation even if it is not to your tastes.