Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mid-19th Century Russians for Great Game

A third battalion of Russian line infantry march off the painting desk to mobilize for the 19th Century Great Game project.  
Battalion is composed of 22 foot and one mounted officer.  Figures are from Wargames Foundry's excellent Crimean War range.  Infantry wear a mix of helmet and cap.  As seen from the photos, a number of the infantry in helmet have suffered bayonet breakage.  Interestingly, no fatigue cap soldiers suffered bayonet damage.   
Wearing the ubiquitous Russian greatcoat, these Russian foot sloggers paint quickly and take the Minwax stain very well.  While a large battalion such as this is not my preferred battalion size in 28mm, it is always enjoyable to put paint to these terrific figures.  Once completed, a battalion of this size is very enjoyable to see on the gaming table.  Enough figures to field one more Russian battalion await in The Lead Pile.
What's in the painting queue for the project?  Two Russian limbers and teams are on the painting desk as well as two native guns and crew await in the painting queue.  Native guns and crew take the form of one native Sikh gun and one Afghan gun and crew.  
With three Russian infantry battalions, six Russian cavalry squadrons, two Russian guns, four native infantry battalions, and four native cavalry squadrons, the Russian contingents are ready to challenge the British in the Great Game.    


  1. Great looking Russians, I like the mix of caps and helmets and greatcoats ,a nice faded tan that contrasts well with the green flag. Lovely painting as always.
    Best Iain

  2. Replies
    1. Conrad! Very pleased that you approve of the composition of these hardy Russians.

  3. Fine looking soldiers of the Tsar, Jon!

  4. Replies
    1. Markus! Long time, no see! Appreciate your comment.

  5. Lovely work Jonathan. I have just finished a whole bunch of Foundry cavalry and horse artillery from the Crimean War range. I had forgotten what great little figures they are.

    1. Thank you, Mark! The Foundry Crimean War range is a good one indeed! It has held up very well to newcomers over the many years since it was released.

  6. Excellent looking Russians Jonathan!



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