Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Stroll Around Florence II

View of Duomo from rooftop
Since I seldom fail to respond to a little encouragement, more photos from my stay in Florence follow. Ray, this is for you!

The destination of today's stroll and photo log will be the Santa Croce Church but, of course, the journey will not be a direct one.  The plan is to cross the Arno River to the south bank seeking out high ground before redirecting myself to the church.

The walk begins in a southerly direction walking past the Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery,
Duomo and Giotto's Tower
Lorenzo the Magnificent in Piazza Signoria
Uffizi Gallery
cross over to the south bank of the Arno River via the Ponte Vecchio,
Ponte Vecchio over the Arno River
Shops lining the Ponte Vecchio
wind my way through the narrow and sometimes bewildering streets and paths,
Narrow streets
up a very long and steep set of stairs
Steep climb!
arriving at the Pizzale Michaelangelo and the magnificent vista views of Florence it offers.
Replica of Michaelangelo's David
 at Pizzale Michaelangelo
Old Florentine city walls 

Old city walls with Boboli Gardens
The Duomo
Arno River with Palazzo Vecchio
Palazzo Vecchio, Duomo, Santa Croce
(left to right)
Descending from the heights, my steps are partially retraced passing through the Old city wall gate and reaching the Arno.
Old city gate
Arno River with Ponte Vecchio in background
Crossing back to the north bank, the Santa Croce Church is but a few blocks away.
Piazza in front of Santa Croce
Santa Croce
Due to his politics, Dante was not allowed entombment within the walls of the church.  Here he stands outside but not looking in.
Dante's Monument
One trick to avoiding often long queues into the church is to slip around the back and enter via the Leather School.
Leather School
Once inside, the interior is built on a grand scale.  No expense spared in here.
Santa Croce interior
Santa Croce interior
Santa Croce interior
The walls of the church are lined with a Who's Who of Florence. 
Dante (no body here)
A walk well taken.  Now, time to search for gelato!


  1. Very timely Jonathan, my wife is keen to go to Florence for her birthday later this year, so I can show her your pictures.

    1. Glad to offer some assistance. Florence would be a terrific city in which to celebrate an important occasion.

  2. It's such a lovely city - in many aspects I prefer it to Rome. It's quite a hike you guys took covering both the city centre and the hills of the Boboli Gardens. I trust you compensated with a well deserved gelato along the way:0)

    1. You know, we preferred Florence to Rome too but a return to Rome is needed to see everything missed the first time.

      Yes, we found some nice gelato for refreshment!

  3. Nice pics, I've been there 20 years ago, a great place!

    1. Florence is a great city. We are already considering a return trip.

  4. Replies
    1. Happy you enjoyed the photos! This follow up on the sights of Florence was at your request.

  5. Fantastic pics Jonathan! I really need to go there someday!


    1. It is a city definitely worthy of a few days, at least.

  6. Ah, Fiorenze! Eventually...

    Quite an impressive collection of "Sons of Florence honored in Santa Croce!

    1. I hope you do make it there one day. With your interest in all things Renaissance, you would really enjoy it.

      The train from Rome to Florence went through Pavia. I wonder what remnants of the battle are left to see there? Might be worth a stop?


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