Saturday, November 1, 2014

Secret Santa Ideas...

I signed up for Ian's (The Blog with No Name) Secret Santa exchange and one suggestion to the participants was to publish a Wish List.  Although this is my first year to participate, in years past, Secret Santas were expected to comb the recipient's blog for clues to finding that special gift idea.  That is a fun exercise and a way to get a glimpse into a fellow blogger's tastes.  I am in the midst of that review process now for my randomly selected recipient.  For those participating in this activity, posting a Wish List would be a great aid for your benefactor. 

For me, ordering figures is one of the many pleasures of the hobby.  Sitting down with catalogs (or tablet) in hand and agonizing over exactly what to order is quite enjoyable. Drafting a list, changing my mind, redrafting, pondering regiment composition, thinking of something to add, and changing the product mix to a proposed purchase order is great fun in and of itself, no?

With that in mind, I welcome my Secret Santa to sift through my blog and identify an item.  With many diverse interests, the blog provides a target-rich environment for any number of interesting gift ideas.  For additional guidance, below is a sample listing of vendors and suggested ranges for consideration.

But, on the other hand, if my Secret Santa wants me to agonize over choice then how about consider giving a Gift Card?  Not only is the time and expense of postage avoided but I get the added joy of drafting the list.

Many distributors offer Gift Cards.  A Gift Card from any one of the vendors listed below would be most welcome.  My suggested vendors and ranges from which to choose are, in no particular order:

Eureka Miniatures USA - 18mm SYW Eureka (Austrian or Prussian) and 18mm AB early Napoleonics (French Austrian, Russian)
Brigade Games - 28mm early Napoleonics
Brigade Games even offers its own Gift Registry.  Who knew?  I only discovered it this afternoon.  Nifty idea.

Quick Reaction Force - 15mm 1859 Franco-Austrian War.
Old Glory 25s - 18mm Blue Moon FIW Hessian foot, SYW Prussian foot; 25mm Spanish-American War.
Aventine Miniatures - African elephant.


  1. Well there's lots to choose from your list Jonathan!!

    1. Yes, many options from which to choose. Quite handy if I have more than ONE Secret Santa!

      Pick off what you want, Ray, and send it on!


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