Friday, January 10, 2014

Pasha Goes to Port - Egypt 1834 BatRep

Kevin hosted a "Big Battles" Sword and the Flame game featuring an assortment of Ottomans descending upon an Egyptian port.  To thwart this incursion, the British fielded E.I.C. troops.  The Pasha's objective was to take control of the port and shut it down.  For the British player, he needed to stop and eliminate this threat.

The British account of the battle follows: 
British forces race to defend the port
from Pasha Mohamed's attacks.
E.I.C. marches quietly in the early dawn hours to
defend the port from Pasha Mohamed.
Ottomans descend upon the port in wave after wave.
Regulars are positioned on the right while irregulars,
on the left, head straight towards the harbor.
Arab infantry maintains order among the rush
to close upon the port.
1st Corps figures
British forces reach edge of town and begin deploying.
Gurkas occupy the rocky outcropping but take 

casualties from artillery fire.

British gun unlimbers and begins counter battery fire.
View of the port from overhead, behind British lines
Nizam Cedit march into battle to face the Gurkas.
Old Glory figures.
Pasha leading his men into battle
More of the Pasha's troops in battle array.
Pasha's artillery on the right firing first into the Gurkas
 and then into the British artillery piece.
To relieve pressure on the Gurkas holed up in the
rocks, British cavalry advance out into the open
Reinforcements sally from the town
Pasha forms a crescent moon around
the defenders  in an attempt
to outflank the British.
Outnumbered by at least 3 to 1, British resolve stiffens
as reinforcements advance to ease pressure on the
beleaguered Gurka. 
Ottoman artillery wreak
havoc on the exposed cavalry
Irregulars attack on the right
and they attack in the center
but the redcoats stand firm
Overwhelmed, the British fall back with their left
anchored on the rocks and their right on the port.
Casualties were heavy.
The salient is reduced as the Pasha closes in
on the port but British reinforcements are
nearby to plug gaps and support their comrades
Pasha's Mamelukes seize the initiative and crash into
the depleted ranks of the British cavalry.
British cavalry are driven back as the irregulars dash
in to attack the weakened foot near the port.
The Gurkas maintain their hold in the rocky
ground effectively splitting Pasha's attacks.
Casualties mount on Pasha's right wing as the attack
stalls.  On the left, the irregulars' motivation
 has vanished; so do the irregulars
With British reinforcements streaming to the
defense,  Pasha calls off the attack and
 disappears back into the desert
Thus ended the game in a British victory.  The adaptation of the TSATF worked well and the game moved along nicely.  Firing was by figure but melee was by stand.  Melees were quick, decisive, and bloody.  

Kevin moderated while I commanded the British.  His brother and a young man, new to wargaming, commanded the Pasha's forces.

Kevin is in the midst of rebasing his 1830-1840s colonials so some of the bases are unfinished and some figures are still mounted singly.  The collection contains a host of different manufacturers.  I recognized Foundry, Old Glory, 1st Corps, Gripping Beast, and I think Hinchcliffe.  Only Kevin knows what else is in there.  When completed, this will be a very handsome collection!


  1. That is indeed a very handsome collection! Looks like you fellows had a great time.

    I must add "paint Ottomans in 28mm" to my bucket list. Thanks for that!

    1. We did have a good evening of gaming plus Kevin provided dinner too!

      Kevin suggested I put 28mm Ottomans on my bucket list as well.

  2. Great looking game and figures! TSATF is very popular in the local area here too. I've played it a few times as it allows for a lot of players (newbies like me included), but don't really know the rules. In fact, I usually just tell the experienced guys what I want to do and they tell me what I need to roll, etc. :) Best, Dean

    1. I am in your camp wrt TSATF. Kevin and his brother have been playing it for decades. I only play seldom. Our game worked like yours. I move the figures and Kevin tells me what I need to roll. Easy!

  3. What a beautiful collection of figures! Very nice report, and excelent looking armies...

    1. Thanks, Phil! You, my friend, set the standard for entertaining BatReps!

  4. Nice looking game! I have a small force of Portuguese colonials (Eureka) for use with some local guys once a year backyard Darkest Afrika type games, but as I've never actually made it to one, they remain half finished. Just need some motivation to finish them off!.... and the lions that go with them (burp!).

    1. Thanks, Peter! I don't get much colonial gaming either , thus, not a lot of motivation to paint them. That, however, may be changing. Nothing motivates painting the unpainted like the pressure to field them in game.


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