Monday, September 9, 2013

28mm Reconquista - Light Cavalry and Command

Fresh from the painting desk are a sampling of Artizan figures.  I ordered two packs from Northstar to compare size compatibility with the BTD figures.  In the order were one pack of Andalusian command and one pack of Andalusian light horse.

The quality of the figures is quite nice with limited flash and crisp detailing.  In comparison with BTD, these Artizan figures have smaller horses but large riders.  The effect is that the Artizan horsemen appear to be big guys riding small ponies.  When placed on the gaming table and viewed from a distance, the size differences seem to be negligible.  The pack of cavalry command I made into a command stand although Impetvs does not require such an element.

I also picked up two packs of cavalry from Perry's Crusade range.  We'll see how they compare once painted.  At first glance, the Perry's look to be a very good fit alongside BTD.


  1. Great painting on these, Jonathan! And good call on the command stand. Even though not required, it's a great visual.

    You'll be very pleasantly surprised by the Light Horse. They can be so annoying for your opponent!

    1. Thanks, Monty! I believe Jake and I have enough figures now for an Impetvs trial run. Next hurdle is getting our schedules to mesh.

      Based on your recommendation for annoying opponents (that is, "to annoy one's opponent" NOT "to face an opponent that is annoying"), I started work on two more stands of light horse.

    2. Yeah, javelin armed CL is a pain in the rear. The answer seems to be limiting their line of attack and keeping heavier horse on opportunity, but that's not always possible.


    3. Thanks for the tip, FMB. Since the Moors tend to be light cavalry, heavy, I will need to how they can be countered.

  2. Great paintjob, and very nice basing!

  3. These are absolutely fabulous! I´m so glad I found them :D Mine are on the working bench - lots of inspiration here! Thanks for sharing!!


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