Friday, October 5, 2012

Fortifications: Brimstone Hill Fortress

St. Kitts was one of the islands visited during a Caribbean vacation.

Unbeknownst to me before arrival, St. Kitts maintains a large, 18th century fortress on the northwest side of the small island.  The fortress sits atop Brimstone Hill which is nearly 800 feet above sea level.  The French and British contested St. Kitts during the 17th to early 19th centuries.  British finally drove off the French for good in 1806.  Small actions could be gamed during the WSS, SYW, AWI, and Napoleonic Wars.  The largest engagement occurred in 1782 when 8,000 French troops besieged the British defenders in the fortress.

The fortress is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Fort George Citadel

 Prince of Wales Bastion

Infantry Officers' Quarters with Artillery Officers Quarters
 and cookhouse in the distance



  1. This would be a fun one to wargame. It would require Mohito's and Loungers to help the ambiance...

    1. Yes, your suggested "ambiance enhancers" would take some of the sting in the tail out of losing.


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