Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Plans for 2011

Scott, Austin, Dylan, and I met at Kevin's for a colonial game with using TSATF. Scott and Austin marched onto the board commanding a French FFL column bent on making it down the length of the table. The French goal was to exit their column intact with the loot they have 'requisitioned' from the local populace. The locals were tasked with stopping this reckless pillaging. After suffering a few cavalry casualties from a native ambush early on, the French swept away this speed bump and proceeded upon their task of driving the length of the table. No other armed natives were encountered until the lead FFL company was ambushed in the defile along the river. Taking heavy casualties, the French managed to take some cover along the river bank but casualties continued to mount. A third native warband emerged from the fort that guarded the defile and trapped the French column. With all French officers down and with two more native warbands arriving to surround the French, the French remnants fought their way back to town for a final defense. There will be many empty seats in the mess tonight, the local treasury will remain in its native land, and the French will have one more, desperate, last-stand holiday to celebrate.

Project Plans for 2011:

15mm Napoleonics Project:
200th Anniversary of Battle of Albuera - With the 200th anniversary approaching in May, I'd like to recreate the battle on the tabletop. I have a number of recent Albuera books (Dempsey, Edwards, Oliver, Fletcher) from which to pull data. To complete my OOBs, I'll need to paint a few Portuguese dragoons, a couple of Portuguese batteries, and perhaps some Spanish horse. Then, on to building the map and translating the map to the table. Quite accomplishable by May. Scott discussed a similar project with his troops. If so, the two games may make an interesting 'compare and contrast' between AoE and my heavily modified version of Republique. Or, fight the grand tactical battle using Republique and then switching down to a more tactical scale using General de Brigade.

30mm ECW Project:
Goals include codifying the Ironsides rules and compiling it into a cohesive draft. Also on the objective list is the creation of a few scenarios. Austin has requested a return to some ECW/TYW games and I know Kevin has an interest as well. Their desire to game the period gives me an opportunity to work on the scenarios and properly present the rules and QRS'. Three regiments of foote remain unpainted with two of those three being Scots. My current collection is adequate for most scenarios so I have no rush to complete these three laggards.

18mm 1799 Italian Project:
With ten battalions each of French and Russian, and four Austrian infantry, a couple of guns each should provide the troops necessary for fielding a small 1799 scenario. I'll comb Duffy to find a suitable skirmish. Plenty of AB figures remain to paint for this interesting period. Perhaps, even a small order to 19th Century Miniatures for sample figures from the Battle Honors French Revolution range would be useful (and a lot cheaper!).

18mm SYW Project:
After clearing away the 10mm ACW Second Manassas game, I want to place all of the collection on the table and try a small scenario just to get a feel for both the figures and rules. With an interest in ECW, this scenario may be on hold but painting will continue. Currently, I have two battalions of Prussian Regiment #8 on the painting table.

15mm Second War of Italian Independence Project:
The 1859 project was initially geared towards building the OB for San Martino between the Italians and Austrians. My plan remains intact but additional figures must be ordered to muster more than a small scale action. Currently, I have only about 10 battalions painted per combatant. Still too few to conduct the entire battle but perhaps enough to refight the attacks on Monata. The Austrian 1st Hussars are complete and represent the first of the Old Glory cavalry to be completed. The sculpting on the hussars is weak by Old Glory standards. Detail is lacking and molding is weak with most of the troopers brandishing very wispy swords. At some point, these swords will likely require replacement. I hope the French cavalry are better sculpted.

15mm American War of Independence Project:
Project is complete with only a few units left to paint. I'll work in a unit every so often throughout the year.

28mm Napoleonic Project:
A couple battalions each of French and British remain to be painted along with two British limbers. I would enjoy giving a small scale, battalion action a try in 2011. For the Peninsula, I really need to pick up a unit of Portuguese Cacadores to add to the mix. With the Portuguese lights, the action at Coa would be possible. Still debating whether to add either more Front Rank or Elite figures to the project.

28mm French and Indian War Project:
Project is complete and I ought to make an attempt to field them in a game in 2011.

25mm French Intervention in Mexico Project:
I really ought to either field a game for these figures or clear-out the project. They haven't seen the table in more years than I can remember. I recently sold off a few of the old Frontier FFL figures.

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